The Voice – The Battles

The Voice – The Battles

So, the 40 artists selected during the Blind Audition rounds have done battle against each other and been whittled down to just 20 going through to the Live Shows.

How exciting was that?!

The first thing I thought during the first of The Battle shows, was how nice it was to see the judges wearing different clothes.

Danny was out of his controversial double denim combo; Jessie J had dropped her purple hair extensions off at the dry cleaners and had changed into a different jacket.  Tom Jones was looking as effortlessly cool as always.

Then, I saw the boxing ring that had been constructed for the stage and I thought oh here we go…

One of the things I loved most about the previous episodes was that The Voice seemed less gimmicky than other similar televised singing competitions and was literally, all about The Voice.

So, I felt a bit let down by the new set design and was cringing into my red wine when the Rocky intro kicked in as the artists entered the ring from each corner.

Anyway, that aside, the show is still blimming brilliant!

I was relieved they did not drag the voting on each duet out for too long and that the judges did not seem to agonise too dramatically over their decisions.  Decisions I am sure they already made a few weeks ago when the artists were initially paired up together perhaps…?

The positive spin was refreshing.  The focus was very much on the artist that was going through to the next round, not the artist being sent home.

The coaches did not pick holes in the artists’ voices, what they were wearing or get into a heated debate over song choice.

It felt a more mature approach.

Until I looked at the boxing ring again.

Timing wise, I wonder how long it was between the Blind Auditions and the Battles, and if these were all recorded before the first episode aired?

The first set of Battles saw artists from the same team perform a duet together, with only one of them guaranteed a place on the final team.

I think I agreed with all the coaches on the people they decided to take through.

Max Milner is so so good.  I thought he did great again, but where was his girlfriend in the friends and family room?  You may remember she also blind auditioned…

Will’s face was classic when Sam (Team Tom) started his sexy dancing to A Little Less Conversation during his duet with Aundrea.  If you have sky+ watch it again, hilarious!

While you are there, check out if Vince snubbed Danny at the end of his performance with Bo Bruce after she went through to the live shows instead of him?  It could have just been the editing, but I am sure I saw Danny get up to shake Vince’s hand and Vince just blanked him.  I liked Bo much more this week and she definitely deserved to go through.

I was not over excited by Heshima and Tyler’s performance.  It was ok, but there are so many great singers in The Voice, that neither of these two really stood out particularly for me.

Heshima’s attitude to Will was quite frightening.  Actually, not so much frightening as just plain daft!  Can you imagine behaving like that towards someone who could potentially hold the key to your future career?  It was even enough to make Will feel uncomfortable and he seems so chillaxed usually.

Jaz was incredible again.  I think he is the strongest contender for me at the moment but poor Denise Pearson did not.stand.a.chance. against Ruth with her natural raw talent.  No matter how many 5-star dance moves she pulled out of the bag.

The stroppy one, Becky, did give the better performance in her duet, even though she still bounced around the stage far too moodily for me.

It’s hard when the contestants cry, especially the younger ones.  It also must be so hard for them to stand up on stage and be compared against someone else when they are all so capable and obviously have bags of talent.  It is a harsh format.  I don’t envy the coaches or the voices!  Love to watch it all play out though.

Live Shows start next week and then it is up to the studio audience to decide who stays and who goes.

Just one more question remains: how do I get a ticket?!

Are you watching?  Do you think the coaches made the right decisions?

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    • Grenglish
      April 23, 2012 / 7:24 PM

      Oooh, thank you! I have just registered with them… fingers crossed I get one!!

  1. Wendy
    April 23, 2012 / 6:57 AM

    I like the programme a lot. To be honest I didn’t really notice the boxing ring aspect but now you mention, yes it is naff.

    I like how the contestants are paired up. It makes the performances more interesting and hopefully its good for all the contestants as a new experience/challenge. Wouldn’t be surprised to see more duets in the music business generally as a result. They are good to watch and listen too.

    Its refreshing that all the competitors are so talented and that nobody is put up there for the world to have a good laugh at. My only reservation about the programme is that we know so little about how contestants get on the programme in the first place. Talent scouts apparently but they picked quite a few entrants who had already achieved some success and are getting a second crack.I’d prefer it if more people were given their first crack. A couple of the winners last night were selected because of their youth though which seemed a little unfair.

    Overall good job though I think the decision moment is quicker than the other side it could be quicker still. I watched BGT afterwards and it was painfully (the whole programme, false drama, and focus on judges/mocking people).

    • Grenglish
      April 23, 2012 / 7:23 PM

      Hi Wendy! I agree with everything you said. You are right, we do know so very little about how contestants get on the programme and I too would have preferred if this was their first crack at breaking into the industry too.
      It’s so entertaining though – wonder how the live shows will go down. Hope they steer away from all the gimmicky elements and just strip to back to the voice, the stage and none of the other rubbish.
      Thank you so much for popping by and taking the time to comment.

  2. April 23, 2012 / 10:00 PM

    I didn’t see it, but GG stayed up late to watch and tell me it is amazing. But then I suspect pizza at 9pm would have made In the Night Garden amazing too 😉 That said, I suspect we will all be glued to the TV every Saturday night from now on!

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