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I Wore This and Thought of You

There are some items in my wardrobe that I will never ever throw out.  No matter how badly they may fit, how tatty they may look, or how unfashionable they may be. My ‘Australia’ jeans.  They are a 28 waist, bootleg, hipster jean. I can say with quite some confidence that I will ...Read More

Not Going Grey Gracefully

I found my first grey hair when I was 25-years old.  Closer examination revealed clusters of silver strands across my crown and decorating my hairline. I panicked, attacked the brightest of the bunch with a pair of tweezers, then rushed out to buy a home colour kit to tackle the rest. I ...Read More

Autumn Clothes for Kids

So, I guess we are to assume from the recent nosedive in temperatures, oh and ALL the rain, that Summer has come to an abrupt end. I don’t feel as cheated as I usually do by an early Autumn, which is probably because I do feel like we had a decent amount ...Read More

Spring Cleaning

*WARNING* The post below contains shallow, superficial content of absolutely no importance whatsoever.  If you are easily bored, please click away now. I had a shocking realisation last summer that I did not need to buy any more new clothes.  This could have been down to finally finding a look that I ...Read More


I knew you were the one for me after our very first meeting. The conversation flowed easily, you were not too demanding of my time and you made me feel better about myself. For 6-years, you have made me happy. I still feel excited when I know I am going to see ...Read More

Shocking Realisation

I realised something shocking this week.  Something that caught me so unaware that I had to sit down for a couple of minutes to take it in. Looking back, it is obviously something that has been building up for many many years but I just couldn’t see it clearly until now. I ...Read More


I was chatting to a colleague at work the other day, and we got to talking about memories.  She asked if I had to pay for my memories, which ones would I keep? Obviously, I would give everything in my bank account to keep the memories from my wedding to the Greek ...Read More

Long Locks Gone

When I called the Greek God(zilla) from JFK airport before boarding my return flight home, he proudly reeled off a list of all the things he had accomplished while I had been away. These included: – folding, ironing and putting away toddler laundry that I had washed and dried at 5.45am on the ...Read More

The NYC Diaries – Eating, Shopping & Hair Flopping

Friday So, you will be relieved to know we did not all die in a tragic plane crash. The aircraft bunny-hopped along the runway for a bit before landing in one piece at JFK.  As soon as we touched down safely, the whole cabin erupted into applause. Somebody, somewhere, WOOPED (that may ...Read More

Spring Style essentials – Guest post by Courtenay Brandt

Remember last year, when I asked my gorgeous friend and L.A. based über stylist, Courtenay Brandt, to write Yummy Mummy: The How to Guide for you all?  So many of you flocked to ASOS to order the Dolce Vita Pali wedges, that they sold out that same day! Well, Courtenay is back for ...Read More