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Say it with flowers

My husband, the Greek God(zilla), popped out to the shops yesterday afternoon to get some more Dettol.  He is obsessed with a local cat at the moment, who has taken to using our back garden as his own personal litter tray.  So, in an attempt to deter the cat from pooping outside, the Greek God(zilla) has started pouring Dettol all over the gravel.

It started out just once or twice a week, and I thought nothing of it at first, but now I find him inspecting for cat poo when he says he is going out to water the garden; or saying he is off to unload the dishwasher (yeah, can’t believe I fell for that one either!) and sneaking a bottle of Dettol out from under the kitchen sink.  He is easily getting through a bottle of it a day now, it is becoming OCD a real problem.

Anyway, when he returned from the shops yesterday afternoon with his next fix of Dettol, he also presented me with these flowers!

“WOW, why did you get me flowers?”  I asked him, with genuine happy surprise.

“Because they were a quid” he answered, without even flinching.

Isn’t that the most romantic thing you have EVER heard?!  


  1. Lindsay Owen says

    hilarious. i can just imagine pan saying that. really made me chuckle.

    get me a ribena now, will you?



  2. Richmond Mummy says

    Classic! Too funny – well he’s nothing if not honest eh? Ha ha. Slightly worrying about the Dettol / cat obsession though… xx

  3. Love it – made me guffaw. Last week, The Husband in this house noticed that I’d lost quite a lot of weight (made me happy) and then commented that I looked ‘quite sexy’ (you see – not so happy). He was so confused as to why I flipped out.

    • Grenglish says

      Oh little Orby, has he not learnt anything in all these years! You have always been a sexy mama but must say very interested in all the weight loss and how you did it?! But you were looking thin as a whippet the last time I saw you so hope you haven’t lost too much… xx

  4. I laughed out loud!!! I love reading your blog, it makes me feel like I am right there with you instead of on the other side of the world xo

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