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Parents Who Judge Other Parents

As parents, many of us have been on the receiving end of well-meaning parenting advice at some point and often from people who don’t have children of their own. Before I had my son, I certainly had my own idea of the kind of mum I would be; and now that I ...Read More

The Ghosts of Friendships Past

I read in The New York Times that Charlize Theron ended her relationship with Sean Penn by ‘ghosting’ him. Ghosting is a term used to describe a way of ending a romantic relationship by cutting off all contact and ignoring the former partner’s attempts to reach out. While I have no idea if ...Read More

Pregnancy after Miscarriage

Written in partnership with the The Portland Hospital. When I got pregnant just 3-months after my miscarriage, I was still dealing with lingering feelings of loss and sadness. I thought seeing the word ‘Pregnant’ appear on the pregnancy test would make me feel as happy and excited as it had with my ...Read More

I Didn’t Win

I am always telling my son that not everything is about winning or losing, and sometimes the biggest enjoyment can come just from the thrill of the race. This is usually when he is not the first of his friends to run to the bottom of the hill after school. Or, when he throws a ...Read More

Are you a Radiator or a Drain online?

I think it was Oprah Winfrey who once said that people can be divided into two camps – radiators and drains.  Radiators beam warmth, kindness, love, happiness and enthusiasm. They smile when you walk into a room, are genuinely interested in others and make you feel good about yourself. Radiators bring out the very best in people. Drains ...Read More

A Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Last week, I attended the WI Centenary Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, hosted by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. It was a brilliant day and I even got to shake hands with a real-life Princess! I have written all about the day, from my grey roots to the crustless sandwiches and you can read ...Read More

One Too Many

Last week, I went out with a group of friends with the intention of having one glass of wine; but a glass soon turned into sharing a bottle, which turned into another and the next thing I knew, I was waking up naked in the spare bedroom with an empty bag of crisps ...Read More

Three Posh Frocks

I have a wardrobe full of clothes that belong in the life I used to live, but I still can’t quite bring myself to clear them out. I have shoes that are impractical for the school run, the supermarket dash and for working from home. They belong in fancy Soho restaurants, glossy office spaces, and ...Read More

How to Work from Home During Half-Term

Set your alarm for 5am to get a head start on your inbox before everyone wakes up. Be careful not to turn on the TV or radio in case your 5-year old hears and thinks it is Scooby Doo time. If you must use the loo, DO NOT FLUSH. Also make sure you ...Read More

No Man

When I ask the Greek God(zilla) a question that he does not want to answer, or about something he does not want to think about, involves him having to get up off the sofa or out of bed, or costs money, his go-to response is always No. There is no pause for thought, no weighing up ...Read More

The Women in my Life

I am a woman’s woman. A girl’s girl. A fully signed up member of the sisterhood, sans travelling pants. If you are a woman, chances are I’ll have your back. If we are friends, I trust you have mine too.   There is no friendship more important to me than female friendship. Although, I ...Read More

A Midnight Feast

Next to me in bed, my 5-year old is sleeping. His legs have kicked off the duvet and his right arm is slung across my chest. This is a new habit of ours whenever the Greek God(zilla) is away. He climbs in next to me, his pillow tucked under one arm and Bear snuggled tightly under the other, ...Read More

Life before social media

I joined Facebook in 2007. I didn’t really want to sign-up, nor did I particularly understand what it was used for. Especially when people I had not seen or heard from in years started poking me.  But then some of the kids I went to school with started friending me, only they were no longer kids; they ...Read More

Kids’ Artwork… and what to do with it?

Since my son could first hold a crayon between his chubby little fingers, he has been producing mini masterpieces of art. There are vibrant paintings, simple drawings and playful scribbles. Some were painted using his fingers, others with a sponge and a few even with a brush. The Christmas collection is made up of cotton-wool snowmen and tinsel trees, ...Read More

Scared of Blogging

I’ve been writing about my life on the internet for a little over 4-years.  I have told stories about my family, shared my experiences of miscarriage, confided many of my insecurities, and trusted you with all the wonky bits of my personality. When I first started writing this blog, only 2 people read it and ...Read More