In Your Face

I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday, not just to guide a face wipe over day-old mascara or while absent-mindedly brushing my hair, but I really looked at myself. I examined my face from grey-roots to neck.  I pulled at my cheeks, lifted the skin around my eyes and turned my mouth up and ...Read More

How to Work from Home During Half-Term

Set your alarm for 5am to get a head start on your inbox before everyone wakes up. Be careful not to turn on the TV or radio in case your 5-year old hears and thinks it is Scooby Doo time. If you must use the loo, DO NOT FLUSH. Also make sure you ...Read More

No Man

When I ask the Greek God(zilla) a question that he does not want to answer, or about something he does not want to think about, involves him having to get up off the sofa or out of bed, or costs money, his go-to response is always No. There is no pause for thought, no weighing up ...Read More

The Women in my Life

I am a woman’s woman. A girl’s girl. A fully signed up member of the sisterhood, sans travelling pants. If you are a woman, chances are I’ll have your back. If we are friends, I trust you have mine too.   There is no friendship more important to me than female friendship. Although, I ...Read More

A Midnight Feast

Next to me in bed, my 5-year old is sleeping. His legs have kicked off the duvet and his right arm is slung across my chest. This is a new habit of ours whenever the Greek God(zilla) is away. He climbs in next to me, his pillow tucked under one arm and Bear snuggled tightly under the other, ...Read More

Life before social media

I joined Facebook in 2007. I didn’t really want to sign-up, nor did I particularly understand what it was used for. Especially when people I had not seen or heard from in years started poking me.  But then some of the kids I went to school with started friending me, only they were no longer kids; they ...Read More

Kids’ Artwork… and what to do with it?

Since my son could first hold a crayon between his chubby little fingers, he has been producing mini masterpieces of art. There are vibrant paintings, simple drawings and playful scribbles. Some were painted using his fingers, others with a sponge and a few even with a brush. The Christmas collection is made up of cotton-wool snowmen and tinsel trees, ...Read More

Scared of Blogging

I’ve been writing about my life on the internet for a little over 4-years.  I have told stories about my family, shared my experiences of miscarriage, confided many of my insecurities, and trusted you with all the wonky bits of my personality. When I first started writing this blog, only 2 people read it and ...Read More

Five going on fifteen

I’ve noticed a shift in attitude from my 5-year old boy recently.  He has always known his own mind and has never been afraid to ask for what he wants, exactly when he wants it. But, this is more than ‘I want juice’, ‘I said the blue cup, not the red one’, ‘I’m ...Read More

5 things I thought I’d always remember… but don’t

My nephews came to us for a sleepover recently and for one whole night, I had an additional 5-year old and a 2-year old to look after. It was brilliant fun and they were no trouble at all, however I did get an insight into what it might be like to have 3 ...Read More

Anxiety, panic attacks and living with Hashimoto’s

For the past few weeks, I have been hiding a big autoimmune flare-up. I say hiding, because I when I have these flare-ups I tend to be much quieter – online and off. Every twinge, ache and feeling in my body is exaggerated. Every one of my senses feels heightened. I have become ...Read More

House of Dust

We are having work done on our house at the moment. The walls in our hallway, living room and front bedrooms are being stripped, plastered and painted from ceiling to floor. When it is finished, it will look amazing and this makes me very happy. However, I am currently working from home amidst a cloud ...Read More

My Miracle Baby

They call them miracle babies, the ones conceived after years of unexplained infertility. The couples who try and try and try and then one day, when they are least expecting it, when they have all but given up hope, something in the sky aligns, the timing is right and they are pregnant. There are also ...Read More

Bleeding a Radiator – the Greek God(zilla) way

Many of you will already be familiar with the Greek God(zilla)’s unique approach to fixing things around the house. His solution to repair almost every crack, tear or hole is to apply a strip of parcel tape over it.  View some examples here. Recently, he has been trying to improve upon his DIY skills as evidenced when he ...Read More

The Guilt Trap

Guilt. It’s a funny thing. It gets under your skin and makes you do all kinds of crazy shit. As a parent, guilt keeps many of us awake at night with its persistent nagging over how much TV you let your kids watch, if you read to them enough, play with them enough, ...Read More