Three International Children’s Charities You Should Donate Start Donating to

Three International Children’s Charities You Should Donate Start Donating to

Children can be very vulnerable, and as parents who are capable of providing for their kids with amazing privileges, it’s up to us back to the less fortunate, opportunities for a better life. If you haven’t donated to any children’s charities before, here are three non profit organisations that although you might have not heard of, you might consider contributing to in the near future:

Project Linus







There’s something comforting about a blanket that makes children feel secure, shielding them from harm’s way. In December 1995, a new initiative was born when founder Karen Loucks read an article about 3-year-old named Laura who had cancer but found strength in her special “blankie.” From there, Karen donated homemade security blankets to Denver’s Rocky Mountain Children’s Cancer Center, and since then Project Linus has delivered over five million blankets from the US and other countries. They’re always looking for volunteer “blanketeers” who can look up patterns on the website and send their donation to their local chapters.


UNA kids








With constant armed conflict tearing up countries in the Middle East, children are living a life of peril. Schools have always been a safe haven for kids, and UnaKids aims to provide that by constructing charity schools in war stricken countries. For just one euro a day, sponsor parents can send an orphaned child in Iraq to school, in hopes that they would later pursue higher education opportunities and grow up to be self-sufficient and empathetic adults. Donations from sponsor parents are also directed towards basic health care.

Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW)

global hand







A combination of the two charities previously mentioned, SCAW aims to send bedkits to children living in underdeveloped and developing nations, and since its launch in 1970, the organisation has managed to raise over $23 million and has sent bedkits to 33 countries. Depending on the needs of the particular community, a bedkit usually contains a mat or mattress, sheet, blanket, pillow, mosquito net, clothes outfit, and some school supplies. 100 percent of donations go to the at-risk children.

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