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Cats & Dogs

At the end of the movie, The War of The Roses, Danny DeVito’s character concludes the moral of the story is that dog people should only marry dog people and cat people should only marry other cat people.

This does not bode well then, for the Greek God(zilla) and I.

I am a dog person, have always been a dog person and will always be a dog person.

The Greek God(zilla) told me he was a dog person too when we first met and he was still trying to woo me.  Probably for the same reason he also told me he liked karaoke, vodka and Eastenders.  He was much more agreeable in the early days.

It later transpired that nothing could be further from the truth.  The Greek God(zilla) is a cat person.  He doesn’t even like dogs.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that he actively dislikes dogs.

Cats on the other hand, it turns out he loves.

Spartan was the name of the Greek God(zilla)’s family cat growing up.  Spartan liked to wait on the garden wall for Papou to come home from work and he liked to sit by Papou as he barbecued and wait for small pieces of meat to be passed down to him.  One day, after saying his goodbyes to each member of the family, Spartan simply took off and disappeared.

Paddy is my family’s chocolate labrador.  He is 13 years old now and his legs are too tired to carry him around anymore, but as a young dog he was active and cuddly and would do balistic spinning on the spot whenever the w.a.l.k. word was mentioned.

I do not ‘get’ cats and they do not get me.  I have never come across a cat I have wanted to take home.  I do not like the stories I hear of dead birds being delivered to you in bed, of frogs being thrown around the garden or of mice being dismembered in the kitchen.

A dog would never behave this way.  They are sweet and loyal and loveable and enjoy long walks.  I like dogs.

So, why then have I agreed to think about getting a cat?

Photo credit: Sindre Sorhus at Flickr

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  1. This made me laugh so much-a ballistic dog-amazing. I am with the Greek Godzilla here and am a cat person-you never hear of a cat attacking a baby now do you? You didn’t think of that one. Puppies I can handle, big ugly dogs that bark loudly-no thanks x

  2. I am totally with you on the dogs, but being a Leo I do feel more like a cat 🙂 Maybe you could use this to your advantage….how does he feel about Chanel handbags? If he hates them maybe you can agree for him to get the cat and you get Chanel….win win I say. And trust me the Chanel will last longer than the cat. xoxox

    • Grenglish says

      Yes this is a good plan Courtenay. I did not think of a trade off situation… online browsing as I type 🙂

  3. I too am a dog person! I just don’t get cats at all! Why don’t you compromise and get a dog as well as a cat? Then you’ll both be happy!

    • Grenglish says

      Hmmmmmmm not sure I want the responsibility of a dog just yet though… as much as I love them!

  4. I am a cat person (am disappointed to hear you are a dog person, as in every other way clearly we are the same person, but I’ll let you off…) – you will love having a cat, once you get to know them and see their personality, you will see that cats are brilliant! xx

    • Grenglish says

      What cat would you recommend getting RM? Someone suggested a burmese as they are the dogs of the cat world? I am sorry to let you down on the dog front, but maybe having a cat will change my mind! xx

  5. ‘Must love dogs’ was top of my list of boyfriend requirements. In fact, it was one of the first signs to make me think my partner could be The One.

    Now he keeps saying we should get a cat, because our son has taken a liking to them. But our son is one and next week he will inevitably take a liking to something else. I’m holding out until we can get a dog.

    • Grenglish says

      Mine too Chloe! And, the Greek Godzilla LIED until I was too woo-ed by him to care anymore 🙂
      Believe me, at one year old, your son will take a liking to something else every few weeks – hold out for the dog 🙂

  6. Noo says

    I love dogs, and I never used to like cats. Until one arrived in my kitchen one warm summers day and refused to leave. She wooed me and now I am a complete convert. Maybe you should get one that is like a dog, like ours. She begs for food, loves cuddles, will sit on your lap all day, and ‘talks’ when she wants something. Plus – cats are much easier to own in London – no walking required and no complicated plans when you want a holiday. I’d love a dog one day – but for now I wouldn’t swap her.

    • Grenglish says

      Hi Noo – thanks for this. I would never have had you down as a dog person at all because I have seen you with your lovely cat and just assumed..!
      A burmese has been recommended to me as the dogs of the cat world… what cat do you have?

  7. Chloe says

    I like dogs and cats. Equally. I grew up with both. Does this make me a freak of nature!?! 🙁

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