It was when I returned home from the airport later that evening that my leg started to hurt. Well, my knee to be exact.

It started to feel a bit stiff and sore, but as I could not remember banging it against anything, I simply put it down to spending 7-hours tucked up in economy class.

When I woke up the following morning and knelt down to give my 4-year old a long-awaited cuddle, my knee locked and I blinked back tears as my leg felt like it was about to snap in half.  It took me some time to straighten up again, as quite honestly I was not convinced my leg would hold my new New York weight.  After steadying myself on Buzz Lightyear, I managed to prop myself up on a bookcase and was not in too much pain as long as I did not attempt to bend again.

Movement was restored!

Although, I had to take two painkillers before I could even think about going for my first morning wee. And, I asked the Greek God(zilla) to do the school run, which went down as well as you’d expect after a week on the solo parenting gig.

I continued to take pain relief throughout the day, but it was not making much of a difference.  When the pain was there again the following day, I called NHS Direct for advice.

As it takes approximately 3-weeks to get an appointment with my own GP, they advised me to go to a local walk-in centre. Like, now.

When I arrived at the walk-in centre, they sent me to A&E. Like, now.

In the short cab ride to the hospital, I had visions of a blood clot racing through my veins and convinced myself I was about to die. Like, now.

There’s more.

So, when I was finally seen by a Doctor they sent me off for an x-ray on my leg and took some blood.

Hours later when my x-ray came back clear, my blood test did not.

I was given a blood thinning injection in my abdomen and sent home with instructions to return first thing in the morning to have an ultrasound.

Just as I was having another panic attack in the waiting room, HPMcQ walked through the doors bearing a flask of hot tea and a packet of crisps, proving once again that friendships made over the internet are REAL.

The ultrasound was performed the very next day and thankfully was all clear.

Next time I am on a long-haul flight, I will move around more. I will drink more water. I will not enjoy another documentary about One Direction.

As for my knee, just most likely wear & tear on account of its age the Doctor said, delivering perhaps the most painful blow of all.


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  1. March 15, 2014 / 12:11 PM

    Wows – that sounds like scary stuff! Very glad everything ok though xxx
    WallyMummy recently posted…Rugga-TotMy Profile

  2. March 15, 2014 / 3:04 PM

    Oh bless you – there’s nothing scarier than popping to the Doctor’s only to be sent straight to A&E. Thank goodness for friends who get it. Glad you’re ok (apart from the old age)! xxx
    Actually Mummy… recently posted…Lights, movement, flamenco! 365 #12My Profile

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