Meet my Brother, Jack

Meet my Brother, Jack
This is me and my little brother, Jack.
me and jack

We were dining out at a fancy Soho restaurant called Bob Bob Ricard with our GLORIOUS friend, Steve.

Our faces are a little bit flushed because there is a button on each table with a sign that says ‘Press for Champagne’, so we did.

More than once.  Probably more than twice.  Each.  It was a fun night!

Anyway, Jack is the youngest sibling in our brood of four.  There are 17-years between us, but he is quite a delight to hang out with – funny, smart and very dashing too, don’t you agree?  Takes after me, OBVIOUSLY.

Despite the age gap, we do still have a few things in common.  Jack went to Australia for a year, 12-years after I did, and hung out with the very same people I met during my time there.  Jealous much?  Of course! Especially because I am sure they liked him more than me…

We also both like our coffee to be served exactly the way we want it – i.e. the RIGHT way.  We enjoy a good bottle of red wine, and can talk about TV shows LOST and The Vampire Diaries like they are actually real.

He is also quite a talented artist, and this is where our similarities end.  Jack has been doodling on things ever since he picked up his first crayon; and now he has launched his own business, Landsquid, where he spends all day drawing on things!  He has customised shop windows, skateboards, walls, surfboards and shoes, but more recently has turned his hand to t-shirts.

All from my parents kitchen table!

He is a great uncle too, look at these super cool shoes he customised for his nephews.  They loved them so much, they wanted to sleep in them!

Jack prints, packages and sends everything out himself, and the inks he uses are free from any toxic chemicals so there’s no big damage to the environment.


But, t-shirts are where his main interests lie.  He calls his latest collection Graphic Tees for the Misfits – they are for the fans of the macabre, the old horror movie buffs, the science fiction aficionado’s and of course the people out there that just like cool illustrations.

Please do check out his website Landsquid.  Jack has very kindly added a 10% discount code to all people referred from my blog – just use the code grenglish when you check out.

You are welcome!


You can also like Landsquid on Facebook and follow @landsquidart on Twitter.



  1. October 10, 2014 / 5:23 PM

    AH! Amazing!! Thank you Sarah! Bottle of wine coming your way, show us some of your awesome dance moves!

  2. October 20, 2014 / 4:30 PM

    I love baby brothers – having two of my own in our tribe of 5 siblings, and one of mine is an artist too, doing the illustrations for my bilingual children’s book 🙂 I love the sound of the t-shirts and am heading over there now as this sounds like it’s right up Hubs’s street…. xx

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