Weekend Round-up

Weekend Round-up

The Greek God(zilla) was home early on Friday afternoon, so he donned an apron and took over in the kitchen while I cleared the TV planner before the school run.  By ‘cleared’, I mean that I watched two episodes of Downton Abbey in order to make space for a new one.  There is something incredibly satisfying about watching recorded shows and then deleting them.  A bit like ticking items off a to-do list, although nowhere near as productive…

After collecting the little one from school, we sat down at the table together for the Greek God(zilla)’s roast chicken with potatoes, parsnips and carrots. It was delicious and we devoured everything on our plates.  Twice.

By 5.30pm, we had all changed into our stretchy clothes and retired to the sofa, where we slumped in front of the television for the rest of the evening.  By rest of the evening, I mean 8pm.  Late nights are soooooo 2008.

I awoke on Saturday morning after an 11-hour sleep, feeling refreshed and full of beans!  The Greek God(zilla) still needed a few more hours before he was completely ready to face the day, so I got up with our son and helped him pack for a sleepover at my sister’s house.  My sister’s eldest son is just 6-weeks younger than mine.  We were pregnant together, had newborns together, felt sleep deprived together and have experienced the weaning, crawling, walking, talking and throwing massive tantrums over NOTHING stages together.  My sister knows my son as well I do.  Fortunately, our boys are the best of friends too, so as it was my nephew’s birthday this weekend, he invited his cousin to spend it with him.

The timing worked out perfectly to coincide with a root touch-up for me.  I quit my fancy hair salon around the same time I quit my full-time job last year, and have been visiting my sister every 6-weeks to have my greys covered ever since.


We have gradually lifted the colour a few shades lighter to make the grey regrowth a bit less noticeable.  I have a full face of make-up and sparkly necklace on in the photo, because with a child-free night on the agenda, the Greek God(zilla) booked a table at our local Italian for dinner.

After safely dropping my son off with my sister, having my roots dyed and battling Saturday afternoon traffic in the pouring rain, I returned home to a cold, empty house.  The Greek God(zilla) was ‘apparently’ on his way back home from a football match, following which he had consumed 5 pints and had a post-match tutorial in the pub on how to cheat the ‘walk in a straight line’ test in front of ‘the Missus’.  You know who you are, Gary… and your wife reads this blog.

Dinner was lovely, even if the company was sloshed.  However, there was no way I was cutting short my night out so that the Greek God(zilla) could sleep off his afternoon, so I insisted on a nightcap on the way home.  I would have actually been perfectly happy to go back, curl up on the sofa and watch The X-Factor on catch-up, but I had a point to make.  A point I paid for with a fuzzy, sore head the next day.  I have made clearer points, I admit.

As appealing as the idea of a whole night and morning off seemed at the time, I actually HATED waking up in a quiet house on Sunday morning.

For as much as I continually seem to crave just 10-minutes of quiet time most weekends, I really missed our son crawling into bed with us at 7am, his cheeky smile as he pokes me in the eye to wake me up, and the plethora of breakfast demands.  We both did.

I could not wait to head back over to my sister’s to be reunited.  Of course, he had had the time of his life and was not excited to see us AT ALL.

An afternoon at Hobbledown rounded off the birthday boy’s weekend beautifully.  They jumped in puddles, played in the sand, explored underground tunnels and jumped up and down on a big bouncy thing in the ground.  A party tea and batman cake topped it all off, although sharing his cousin with the other party guests was a bit too much for our 5-year old, and he got himself all worked up into a bit of a tizz.  Totally heart wrenching to watch, but big cuddles all round and hopefully the experience will help him cope a bit better when he finds himself in a similar situation again.

I could go on; it rained, we got wet, it took us 2-hours to get home blah blah blah, but this post is long enough already.

Until next time!


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  1. November 3, 2014 / 9:36 AM

    What a fab, relaxing weekend, I’ve been hitting the sack at 9pm the last few nights and feel so good! Love, love, love your hair you beautiful woman, can your sister travel to Leeds? !x

    • Grenglish
      November 25, 2014 / 9:28 AM

      Ha, only if I can come with her!

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