Goodbye Jan, Hello Feb!

Goodbye Jan, Hello Feb!

Well, thank goodness that is over with for another year then.

There are many reasons why January is my least favourite month of the year.

The first being that it is usually when I am at my fattest.  Or fullest of figure, if you prefer.

I tend to drop about half a pound in each of the months leading up to December, by which time I am then raring to chase those bad boys back down and insist they return to their designated position on my stomach and thighs…  plus encourage them to invite a few extra pounds along to camp out on each bum cheek and bingo wing.

If they show any resistance at all, I simply ply them with more Quality Street, red wine, mince pies and trifle.  I am very considerate like that.

Incidentally, this is also why December is up there as one of my favourite months of the year.

But anyway, back to dreary Jan.  She really is a miserable bitch so-and-so.

Everywhere I look, people are gloomily eating salads and running around parks in sub-zero temperatures.

Supermarket shelves are stocked with bottles of wine that nobody is drinking (well I am, obviously – I have yet to subscribe to the notion of ‘Dry January’).

Resolutions are made.  Usually ones that involve you having to stop doing the things you love.

In January, everything is bad for you.  Everyone is full of cold.  Days are dark, wet and cold.  Bank accounts are well and truly dwindled.

I am not usually one to wish my life away, but I can’t help but count down the days from January to February.

In February, days are longer and brighter.  Bank accounts have been replenished.  Friends go back to drinking wine together.  Exercise feels more of a joy than a chore.  Well, maybe not a joy exactly, but it is definitely more bearable.

People are smiling again.

It is the month of love.

It is only 28 days long.

Goodbye Jan, hello Feb.


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  1. February 1, 2013 / 9:42 AM

    Feel exactly the same. Love a bit of Feb x

    • Grenglish
      February 2, 2013 / 7:12 AM

      Was quite pleased to see the back of Jan this year, I have to say!

  2. The40yearold
    February 1, 2013 / 10:18 AM

    It hasn’t been a great Jan for me either, but my daughter celebrates her birthday in Jan, so I try and be motivated by it. In Oz Jan and Feb are our hottest months, so it’s odd for me to be so negative about it. 🙂

    • Grenglish
      February 2, 2013 / 7:19 AM

      Birthdays (someone else’s) are always fun and definitely something to look forward to 🙂
      Love Jan & Feb in Oz… would love to get back there for some winter sun soon

    • Grenglish
      February 2, 2013 / 7:20 AM

      It is amazing how moods are lifted when there’s a bit of love in the air!

  3. February 1, 2013 / 4:57 PM

    Oh yes … I am so with you …. so glad to see the back of January – I just feel knackered and viral most of the time – at least the days in Feb are longer and brighter! X.

    • Grenglish
      February 2, 2013 / 7:21 AM

      I could not believe it when it was still a bit light at 5pm last night, makes such a difference to my general well being and mood!

  4. February 12, 2013 / 8:17 AM

    Absolutely! There is a definite spring in my step come February!

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