Yesterday I found out that Grenglish has been shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging award in the best Writer category.


So, I must be one then.

A writer that is.

I say this because lately when people have asked me what I now do for a living, I have been umming and arring and finally muttering something about blogging under my breath.

They then assume I either spend all day chatting to strangers on the internet (true), or that I know about I.T. and how to fix their broadband connection (definitely not true).

What I do is write.  Mostly online.  Sometimes for my own blog, sometimes for other people, and sometimes I even get paid for it.

So why can’t I just say that?!

Out loud?!

Or, that writing has always been ‘the dream’.

Well, because they might laugh in my face that is why.

I know I can string a sentence together, but I read other blogs and I am so blown away by their talent, their unique turn of phrase, and their truth that I feel like a fraud.

I started this blog 3-years ago because I wanted somewhere to record our stories, but it has only been this past year that I have really pushed myself to write less about sausages & wine and reveal more about me.

Although the sausages & wine posts are still there, obviously.

I remember when I first started blogging, I would make the Greek God(zilla), a ‘real’ writer, sign-off on every single post.

I don’t do that anymore because he would never allow posts like this one to get through.

In January, I wrote about raising my game and then published one of my most personal posts yet.

I could not have done that without the support and encouragement of everyone who has read, shared, commented on, and nominated this blog.

To be shortlisted for best Writer is already so much more than I could have imagined when I published my first post.

So, thank you so much for getting me there.


Voting has started! If you would like Grenglish to make it through to the next stage of the Brilliance in Blogging awards, please click here to vote


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