Solo Parenting during the World Cup

Solo Parenting during the World Cup

The Greek God(zilla) is at the World Cup in Brazil – for work.

Everyone keeps telling me how lucky he is.

For a football fan, i guess this is true.  I suppose the equivalent exciting work assignment for me would to blog LIVE from the set of Grey’s Anatomy.

His friends think I am an awesome wife for letting him go.

I am just hoping the air miles will cover a return shopping trip to NYC for me before Christmas.

People ask how I am coping without him and if I am ok.

Oh purlease!  As much as I am missing him, I’ve been having a little holiday at home all by myself…

With my husband in Brazil, it means my house is officially a World Cup Free Zone.  The remote control is ALL mine.  I have been watching Eastenders LIVE and not just on catch-up.  I binged on all of Orange is the New Black season 2 in bed while eating crisps.  Bliss.

Everything is still where I left it.  My keys, my handbag, my shoes, my moisturiser… and all of the Greek God(zilla)’s stuff is where I left it too. His clothes, his shoes, belts, socks and pants are all still in the wardrobe where I put them, and not all over our bedroom floor.

There are uneaten chocolate biscuits in the tin.

I have first dibs on pillows; can alternate sleeping on both sides of the bed or just starfish smack bang in the middle of it.  I have enjoyed not being woken up for a chat/pillow swap/cuddle, which also means I have been springing out of bed each morning feeling totally refreshed after a full 9-hours sleep.  5-hours on an Orange is the new Black night…

We have not run out of juice yet.

I have loaded the dishwasher ‘my way’ and not only did I manage to fit everything in, but it all came out squeaky clean and sparkly too.

The house is tidy, which brings me to question if it is actually me and our 4-year old who really do make all the mess after all.

My body is a temple.  With no carbs after 5pm and no cheeky midweek bottles of wine being poured, I have been able to dine freely on manzanilla olives in the evening, washed down with a chilled glass of San Pellegrino, and I have lost 3lbs WOO HOO!

So, yes I am coping ok but I am still looking forward to him coming home.

For one, the bins need putting out and I don’t like to ‘do’ bins.

I have started to talk to myself out loud and sometimes this is the only adult conversation I will have all day.

Also, I had forgotten how exhausting the bedtime routine can be.  The Greek God(zilla) has already set a precedent of 4 bedtime stories, plus then 10-minutes of chatting on any subject of our son’s choosing.  This can range from anything from what will happen to us all when the sun finally runs out of fire, to how the water gets from the river and into our taps.  Thank goodness for Wikipedia is all I can say…

My evenings are pretty dull and tend to end after the Eastenders duff duff.

At night, when the house is at its very most quiet, every little sound is a potential intruder coming to attack us in our beds.

The garden needs watering and I don’t know where we keep the watering can.  The obvious place of the shed not being it.  Our favourite after school activity has been refilling saucepans and plastic sandcastle buckets with water and taking turns to pour them over the lemon tree.

I miss the cheeky midweek wine.


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  1. July 21, 2014 / 9:18 PM

    i love and hate solo parenting in equal measures, and your blog post more or less sums up why. Now I have discovered Hart of Dixie thanks to you I need some solo parenting time to watch this uninterrupted, but I do miss the cuddles then 😉

    • Grenglish
      August 10, 2014 / 8:29 AM

      Hart of Dixie is the best! Cuddle up and watch it together 🙂

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