Blogger’s Keynote at BritMums Live

Two years ago, I stood on the stage at Britmums Live and read out a post to 500 people about being hungover.  Ironically, I was secretly pregnant at the time and had not touched a drop of alcohol in about 7-weeks.

I was a different person then.

My blog was a little over a year old and I had written a lot of posts about sausages & wine.

I had met a few other bloggers in person, but I had yet to be part of a community of bloggers I now call my friends.

Great friends.

I took things for granted.

Like having a family, a job, my health, and my fertility.

People too, probably.

I was happy, but I was plodding along.

This week, I will take to the same stage again and read a post to 700 people about what happened next.

How in the weeks that followed, everything I knew about myself changed.

How everything I thought I knew about my body changed too.

How after a year of heartbreak and then another of not wanting to take anything for granted, ever again, I left my job, changed my diet and said yes when fear wanted me to say no.

I recently had a blood test, which revealed that my thyroid antibody levels were back within a normal range.  People have asked what this means for us now, and I honestly don’t know.

I am a different person.

I have earned my new happiness.

In some ways, when I stand up there again this year, I am sure it will feel a bit like I have come full circle.

What I am really hoping for though, is closure.


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