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Like Father, like son

My husband and son have many things in common.

They would both happily spend the entire day in their pyjamas if they could.

Every rainy Saturday afternoon is as a DVD box set opportunity.

They laugh at their own jokes.

Neither one likes to be offered ‘suggestions’ while constructing Lego.

They can both smell a square of chocolate from a mile away.

They believe that whoever shouts loudest gets his way.

Dancing is their moment to showcase made-up karate chops and spin kicks.

But, there is one other thing they have in common that drives me nuts.  I could be chopping veg in the kitchen, tidying toys away in the playroom, or actually be in the shower, when I hear my name called, followed by a question that usually starts with ‘Can you get me…’, ‘Where is the…’, or ‘What’s for…’

If I do not respond in a timely manner, my name and the accompanying question will simply be repeated at a higher volume, usually from the comfort of the sofa or bed where they are no doubt reclining at the time.

I have abandoned risottos, skipped crucial lather/rinse/repeat steps, and trod on many teeny tiny pieces of Star Wars Lego, to stand before them and wait to hear whatever purpose I have been summoned for.

‘Where is the remote? Can you pass it to me?’

‘What’s for dinner?’

‘Can I have an apple/cup of tea/biscuit/iPad?’

I have told them that the answer will always be no when the question is shouted to me from another room.

So far it is working, except now I have not one shadow following me everywhere I go, but two.



    • I am trying this method and it is working better with one more than the other… I will let you decide which one it is!

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