1. That was our wedding flower. Great pic, although I can’t quite connect the innocent Daisies with the skull and crossbones on waistcoat! 😀

  2. Grenglish says

    Thank you everyone! He wanted to sleep in that pirate costume… there is a hat that goes with it too, guess he preferred the flowers though!

  3. Carolin says

    Aww he’s gorgeous. Such lovely big eyes. I bet he can effortlessly make the most convincing puppy dog eyes in the world…

  4. sarahmumof3 says

    great photo, love all the things going on as well, the little hand sneeking in which is going to try and steal them flowers, the feet all in the bottom corner looks like fun 🙂

  5. Richmond Mummy says

    Too pretty to be a pirate! What a handsome handsome boy, you already know he’s going to be a total heartbreaker. Orlando Bloom better watch out heh heh! x

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