If Grey’s Anatomy was a Sport…

If Grey’s Anatomy was a Sport…

If Grey’s Anatomy was a sport, I would wear my Team McSteamy t-shirt with pride. I would wear it to the shops, to the pub and on holiday. I would wear it out to lunch with friends and to my best mate’s birthday party. If I spotted other Grey’s fans on the street, I’d wave and call out ‘It’s a beautiful day to save lives’ and we would all laugh.

If Grey’s Anatomy was a sport, I would watch it in the pub on the big screen with my friends. We’d order shots of tequila and slam our empty glasses down on the bar every time Kepner broke up with Avery. The whole place would erupt into cheers when Callie scored on the surgical table and later in Joe’s Bar, and we’d all BOO loudly whenever Meredith said anything at all. At the end of the episode, we’d replay certain scenes in slow motion and discuss how we think the rest of the season will fare.

If Grey’s Anatomy was a sport, I would ask to watch it at parties and other social events. I would arrive at someone’s house with a box of wine and settle in front of their telly. Other Grey’s fans would join me to take over the living room and we’d pause only to sing Happy Birthday to our host.

If Grey’s Anatomy was a sport and the season finale coincided with my family holiday, I would scour the foreign streets for a place to sit and watch it. Luckily, I will have packed my McSteamy t-shirt for the occasion. 5-hours later, I’d break away from a sea of people with McDreamy emblazoned across their backs and stagger back to my apartment, drunk and sobbing because Lexi just died in a plane crash.

Bookies would place bets on whether Cristina will return, if Arizona and Callie will get back together, and how long until ‘The Chief’ is Chief again.

If Grey’s Anatomy was a sport, I’d shout abuse at fans of less superior shows. I’d call them names, insult the main characters and ridicule the script writing.

I would insist on watching a TV channel dedicated exclusively to screening Grey’s Anatomy episodes for an entire weekend.

If Grey’s Anatomy was a sport, I would dress my kid up in scrubs and he could collect the surgical bandanas of all his favourite characters.

I’d cry when the season ended and wonder how to fill my time.

Well, until the new seasons of Scandal, The Good Wife and Nashville started that is.


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  1. December 31, 2015 / 6:22 PM

    Good job it’s back on then! And I hated Lexi – so prissy. But McDreamy is gone! Shall we go cry over a Tequila in the pub 😉

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