Grand National Day

Grand National Day is a big day in the Pylas household.  First thing in the morning we ring Eva for her top tips, as we know she will have studied the form extensively over the past day or so.  Today she picks ‘The Midnight Club’, the favourite.  Maybe not so much extensive studying since having the twins then… 😉

We then spend the rest of the morning fielding calls from our friends, who all want to know which horse Eva is backing.  My husband gives his own predictions of ‘Oscar Time’ and ‘State of Play’.  I decide to go with a tip I got off Twitter, ‘Niche Market’, and also stick £10 each way on ‘Hello Bud’ for Zachy.

Pan’s horses came in 2nd and 4th, mine in 5th and Zachy’s didn’t place at all, but we still won £95 as a family.  The Midnight Club came in 6th… cue lots of sibling rivalry type gloating from my husband.

Zachy practices for the Grand National 2030

Never mind, Mrs Woog of the world famous Woogsworld commented on my blog today, so I feel like a winner already!

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