Team Honk! Danceathon for Comic Relief

When Team Honk first announced they were planning to get 500 bloggers together to dance for 6-hours non-stop at The Comic Relief Danceathon at Wembley, I hesitated for a while before officially signing up.  Not because I had doubts about doing it, but because I needed some time to get my head around ...Read More

Raising an Independent Boy

Boys. I live with two of them.  A big one and a big one in training. I will leave you to decide who is who. They exhaust, amaze and consume my heart, often all at the same time.  I spend my days tidying toys, books and magazines away.  I return socks and ...Read More

Losing Weight with Slimming World

You may remember last year, at my 40-year old health check, I was advised to lose weight and exercise more. Although, after years of yo-yo dieting on every fad diet to ever hit the book shelves, I did not hold out much hope for long-term success.  The nurse handed me a leaflet for ...Read More

The Sickie Myth

The Greek God(zilla) returned home from a recent overseas work trip with a stinking cold.  At first, I assumed ‘stinking cold’ was man code for ‘don’t ask me to do anything’, but when he passed my ‘fancy a beer?’ test, I passed a sympathetic tissue. The stinking cold turned into the flu, which then progressed into a throat ...Read More

Behind every Greek man is a woman rolling her eyes

Living with the Greek God(zilla) brings its fair share of eye rolling moments.  Most of them are delivered in good humour and often encouraged by the recipient himself. If we have an audience, and have both been on the wine, he will practically hand the one-liners to me. However, there are occasions when words completely ...Read More

New Year’s Eve Without a Bang

We’ve never been big on New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Greek God(zilla) and I. I tried to do the whole ‘party of the year’ thing when I was (much) younger, but always felt something was missing.  Like control over my personal space, clear access to the bar, and an affordable taxi home.  As I made ...Read More

Let the Pieces Fall

Towards the end of every year, I like to set myself a theme for the year to come.  It’s a good opportunity to look back, feel proud of the things I achieved and accept the things I did not.  The theme then acts as a guide for making decisions throughout the year ahead. In my ...Read More

Overwhelmed at Christmas

It is the first day of December and I am already feeling overwhelmed by Christmas. Rather, by the idea of Christmas anyway. It is not just the shopping, the wrapping, the cooking, the tree and the entertaining that is making my brain spin; it is also all the parties, all the prosecco and all the emails ...Read More

In Case of Emergency

There is nothing more likely to cause instant tension in our house, than when the Greek God(zilla) decides to sit me down for a chat about our joint finances. The dynamic has certainly shifted between us since I left my full-time job to embark on a freelance, part-time, writing career at home, ...Read More

No More Babies?

After my first miscarriage, I thought the only thing that would heal me would be to fall pregnant again. Then, I did fall pregnant again. But, the memory of miscarriage did not disappear. If anything, it only magnified. After my second miscarriage, I thought the only thing that would heal me would ...Read More

Like Father, like son

My husband and son have many things in common. They would both happily spend the entire day in their pyjamas if they could. Every rainy Saturday afternoon is as a DVD box set opportunity. They laugh at their own jokes. Neither one likes to be offered ‘suggestions’ while constructing Lego. They can both smell a square of chocolate from a ...Read More


I have been a bit quiet of late. On here, at home, in life. There is nothing wrong, not really.  Just sometimes, being around people, online and offline, can feel a bit exhausting. Recently, I’ve taken some time back for myself. I have been here before you see; but not understanding myself or my ...Read More

Weekend Round-up

The Greek God(zilla) was home early on Friday afternoon, so he donned an apron and took over in the kitchen while I cleared the TV planner before the school run.  By ‘cleared’, I mean that I watched two episodes of Downton Abbey in order to make space for a new one.  There is ...Read More

Meet my Brother, Jack

This is me and my little brother, Jack. We were dining out at a fancy Soho restaurant called Bob Bob Ricard with our GLORIOUS friend, Steve. Our faces are a little bit flushed because there is a button on each table with a sign that says ‘Press for Champagne’, so we did. More than ...Read More

Dance Like No-one is Laughing

There are two things I really should not be seen doing in public: Dancing Wearing leggings in any way other than as an undergarment. I have the legs for neither. However, last summer, I did both. At the same time. On TELEVISION. I was selected, along with 5 other women from the East ...Read More