Back from Brooklyn

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front over the last week so we have lots to catch up on. When I left you last, I was winging my way to New York so let’s start there. Here I visited Whole Foods for the first time, felt snow on my face, ...Read More

Sponsored Video: James Corden Dances in the Street & Lip-Syncs to Estelle’s Free

I am winging my way to New York as you read, but wanted to leave you with this little gem of a video featuring James Corden lip-syncing to Estelle’s Free in the streets of London. The video is part of Cadbury’s new campaign to #freethejoy and despite the gloomy weather, it really did make me ...Read More

New York, Here I Come!

I am off to New York tomorrow, leaving the Greek God(zilla) with the solo parenting gig for 6 whole days. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that I am off to NYC tomorrow ALL BY MYSELF?!  Well, not by myself as in actually by myself.  I am travelling with a friend ...Read More

The Greek God(zilla)’s Guide to DIY

I grew up in a house where if a curtain rail fell down, my Dad would simply pull out his tool box, climb up his trusty old step-ladder and re-fix the rail to the wall. If a lightbulb needed changing, the step-ladder would come out again and within a few minutes, light ...Read More

How NOT to Work from Home During Half-Term

Soon after I left my full-time job last year, I started working from home helping local businesses with their blogs. This is a job that suits me well.  I get to walk my son to and from school every day and spend time together in the afternoons, but with the added benefit ...Read More

Not Going Grey Gracefully

I found my first grey hair when I was 25-years old.  Closer examination revealed clusters of silver strands across my crown and decorating my hairline. I panicked, attacked the brightest of the bunch with a pair of tweezers, then rushed out to buy a home colour kit to tackle the rest. I ...Read More

That Time of The Month, Dear?

There is a certain time of the month, you know the one I mean, where my skin erupts in a hormonal rage and goes on a rampage across my face, leaving a trail of angry red spots in its wake.   Coincidentally, this is around the same time of the month that the ...Read More

The Arrival of a Younger Model

Bear was a gift from my Grandparents when my son was born. He joined a collection of various other stuffed animals in the nursery, until the day after my Grandad died, when my then 14-month old son picked Bear out from the pile and has never let him fall far from his ...Read More

Perfect Parenting Information

Any minute now, the phone is going to ring and the person on the other end of the line is going to tell me that I may have been mis-sold PPI – Perfect Parenting Information. It’s an unwritten rule in my circles that lunch is at 12pm, tea is 5pm and bedtime ...Read More

Honkopoly – The Real Thing

I did not sleep much the night before Honkopoly. Images of top hats, onesies, numerous google docs, and my 40-year old bladder kept me awake for most of it. The house was still.  Quiet.  I was not being asked for food, drinks or electrical devices. My phone was not flashing with unread ...Read More