And, that was that

Just a few weeks ago, I walked my son to and from his reception year at school for the very last time. THE LAST TIME. He is still yet to turn 5.  An August born baby, he is the youngest in his year and will turn 5 a week before he enters Year 1, ...Read More

Silent Sunday

...Read More

The Last Time… maybe

‘Bollocks’ I thought to myself as the Greek God(zilla) called up to me for the fourth time that morning. I lifted my head slowly up from the mascara stained pillow beneath it, and tried to focus my vision on the powder pink clock just out of arms reach away. 8.30am. I took a ...Read More

Dad’s Home!

The Greek God(zilla) is back from his stint in Brazil and has wasted no time at all in resuming all of his favourite activities; watching football, sleeping and lighting the barbecue. This means that time has also been called on the mini spa break I was having of my own as I resume all of ...Read More

As Good As It Gets

When you are a young child, you talk about what you would like to be when you grow up. You dream big – astronaut, writer, doctor, fireman, landscape gardener, gymnast, politician, deep-sea diver, rock star, teacher, Queen of your own country; or perhaps even all of the above… *coughs* As you enter your ...Read More

Talking About the M-Word

I spent most of Saturday afternoon at BritMums Live DREADING having to get up and read a post out at the Blogger’s Keynote. I knew this would happen.  I do not get nervous walking into a room full of strangers and making conversation with the person standing next to me.  I hardly ever fret about ...Read More

Solo Parenting during the World Cup

The Greek God(zilla) is at the World Cup in Brazil – for work. Everyone keeps telling me how lucky he is. For a football fan, i guess this is true.  I suppose the equivalent exciting work assignment for me would to blog LIVE from the set of Grey’s Anatomy. His friends think I am ...Read More

Blogger’s Keynote at BritMums Live

Two years ago, I stood on the stage at Britmums Live and read out a post to 500 people about being hungover.  Ironically, I was secretly pregnant at the time and had not touched a drop of alcohol in about 7-weeks. I was a different person then. My blog was a little over a ...Read More

Sponsored Video Trailer: Chef

There’s a new feel-good comedy out this summer called Chef, which I am itching to see. It is written and directed by Jon Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergera and Dustin Hoffman, to name but a few. The story starts with Chef Carl Casper, also played by Jon ...Read More

The Rules of Wine Club

The first rule of Wine Club is that only people in Wine Club can talk about Wine Club.  Blogging about it is ok, so long as we do not disclose the location of the premises or the names of its members.  This *may* be because Wine Club *may* be masquerading as Book Club ...Read More