Kids’ Artwork… and what to do with it?

Since my son could first hold a crayon between his chubby little fingers, he has been producing mini masterpieces of art. There are vibrant paintings, simple drawings and playful scribbles. Some were painted using his fingers, others with a sponge and a few even with a brush. The Christmas collection is made up of cotton-wool snowmen and tinsel trees, ...Read More

Scared of Blogging

I’ve been writing about my life on the internet for a little over 4-years.  I have told stories about my family, shared my experiences of miscarriage, confided many of my insecurities, and trusted you with all the wonky bits of my personality. When I first started writing this blog, only 2 people read it and ...Read More

Five going on fifteen

I’ve noticed a shift in attitude from my 5-year old boy recently.  He has always known his own mind and has never been afraid to ask for what he wants, exactly when he wants it. But, this is more than ‘I want juice’, ‘I said the blue cup, not the red one’, ‘I’m ...Read More

In Your Face

I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday, not just to guide a face wipe over day-old mascara or while absent-mindedly brushing my hair, but I really looked at myself. I examined my face from grey-roots to neck.  I pulled at my cheeks, lifted the skin around my eyes and turned my mouth up and ...Read More

5 things I thought I’d always remember… but don’t

My nephews came to us for a sleepover recently and for one whole night, I had an additional 5-year old and a 2-year old to look after. It was brilliant fun and they were no trouble at all, however I did get an insight into what it might be like to have 3 ...Read More

Anxiety, panic attacks and living with Hashimoto’s

For the past few weeks, I have been hiding a big autoimmune flare-up. I say hiding, because I when I have these flare-ups I tend to be much quieter – online and off. Every twinge, ache and feeling in my body is exaggerated. Every one of my senses feels heightened. I have become ...Read More

House of Dust

We are having work done on our house at the moment. The walls in our hallway, living room and front bedrooms are being stripped, plastered and painted from ceiling to floor. When it is finished, it will look amazing and this makes me very happy. However, I am currently working from home amidst a cloud ...Read More

My Miracle Baby

They call them miracle babies, the ones conceived after years of unexplained infertility. The couples who try and try and try and then one day, when they are least expecting it, when they have all but given up hope, something in the sky aligns, the timing is right and they are pregnant. There are also ...Read More

Bleeding a Radiator – the Greek God(zilla) way

Many of you will already be familiar with the Greek God(zilla)’s unique approach to fixing things around the house. His solution to repair almost every crack, tear or hole is to apply a strip of parcel tape over it.  View some examples here. Recently, he has been trying to improve upon his DIY skills as evidenced when he ...Read More

The Guilt Trap

Guilt. It’s a funny thing. It gets under your skin and makes you do all kinds of crazy shit. As a parent, guilt keeps many of us awake at night with its persistent nagging over how much TV you let your kids watch, if you read to them enough, play with them enough, ...Read More

Team Honk! Danceathon for Comic Relief

When Team Honk first announced they were planning to get 500 bloggers together to dance for 6-hours non-stop at The Comic Relief Danceathon at Wembley, I hesitated for a while before officially signing up.  Not because I had doubts about doing it, but because I needed some time to get my head around ...Read More

Raising an Independent Boy

Boys. I live with two of them.  A big one and a big one in training. I will leave you to decide who is who. They exhaust, amaze and consume my heart, often all at the same time.  I spend my days tidying toys, books and magazines away.  I return socks and ...Read More

Losing Weight with Slimming World

You may remember last year, at my 40-year old health check, I was advised to lose weight and exercise more. Although, after years of yo-yo dieting on every fad diet to ever hit the book shelves, I did not hold out much hope for long-term success.  The nurse handed me a leaflet for ...Read More

The Sickie Myth

The Greek God(zilla) returned home from a recent overseas work trip with a stinking cold.  At first, I assumed ‘stinking cold’ was man code for ‘don’t ask me to do anything’, but when he passed my ‘fancy a beer?’ test, I passed a sympathetic tissue. The stinking cold turned into the flu, which then progressed into a throat ...Read More

Behind every Greek man is a woman rolling her eyes

Living with the Greek God(zilla) brings its fair share of eye rolling moments.  Most of them are delivered in good humour and often encouraged by the recipient himself. If we have an audience, and have both been on the wine, he will practically hand the one-liners to me. However, there are occasions when words completely ...Read More