The Barbecue King Loses His Crown

The pressure all got too much for the self professed Barbecue King when he delivered a feast of distinctly average proportions this weekend. The first sign that the Greek God(zilla) might be slightly off his game was when he returned home from the supermarket shop with only half of the food items I was expecting. This is actually ...Read More

The Greek God(zilla)’s Guide to Barbecuing

The Greek God(zilla) believes that the Greeks and in particular, his mother, have shaped a way of eating that no other country can rival. The food is drizzled in olive oil, garnished with feta cheese, washed down with red wine, and best eaten outdoors surrounded by family and friends. If you are Greek, then ...Read More


Yesterday I found out that Grenglish has been shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging award in the best Writer category. WRITER! So, I must be one then. A writer that is. I say this because lately when people have asked me what I now do for a living, I have been umming and arring ...Read More

5 Reasons to Love Greek Easter Sunday

It will take more than a little bit of rain to scupper the Greek Easter barbecue planned for this afternoon. Not even the heavy rain that is forecast for today can dampen the Greek God(zilla)’s spirits when it comes to putting lamb on the spit. It will not be the first time ...Read More

Do-Over Day

There are things I wish I had done differently.  There are situations where I wish I had reacted better.  There are conversations I could have handled more compassionately.  There are people I should have judged less.  Times when I should have spoken up more, and times when I should have said nothing ...Read More

A Masterclass in Shopping

The problem when the Greek God(zilla) does our weekly food shop, is his tendency to go ‘off-list’. Rogue items are added, some are substituted, others are ignored. For example, a recipe may require 4 red peppers, but the Greek God(zilla) will bring home 2 yellow peppers if those are the ones that ...Read More

While the Cat’s Away…

The cat in this instance being the Greek God(zilla), who was away in Cyprus with his parents last week. I was about to insert a lame joke about him having a holiday while I slaved away at home, but then I remembered my own little trip to NYC last month and quit ...Read More

Stuck in a Diet Rut

I have been on a diet for half of my life and I have still not cracked it. I have cut out carbs, fat, sugar, fruit, meat, and vegetables, yet I am further away from my goal weight than when I started. I have counted points, weighed, measured, and cut off all ...Read More

High BMI Does Not Lie: I am Obese

Shortly after I turned 40 last year, I received a letter in the post inviting me for a free health check at my local surgery. Because I needed another reminder of my age. The test would assess my risk of developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease, so I ...Read More

We Need to Talk About the M-Word

Miscarriage. About one in four pregnancies will end this way and yet for something that is sadly so common, most people still know so very little about it. People who have experienced the hurt of a miscarriage feel uncomfortable and embarrassed even, to talk about it. I am not sure if this ...Read More