Blogger’s Keynote at BritMums Live

Two years ago, I stood on the stage at Britmums Live and read out a post to 500 people about being hungover.  Ironically, I was secretly pregnant at the time and had not touched a drop of alcohol in about 7-weeks. I was a different person then. My blog was a little over a ...Read More

Sponsored Video Trailer: Chef

There’s a new feel-good comedy out this summer called Chef, which I am itching to see. It is written and directed by Jon Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergera and Dustin Hoffman, to name but a few. The story starts with Chef Carl Casper, also played by Jon ...Read More

The Rules of Wine Club

The first rule of Wine Club is that only people in Wine Club can talk about Wine Club.  Blogging about it is ok, so long as we do not disclose the location of the premises or the names of its members.  This *may* be because Wine Club *may* be masquerading as Book Club ...Read More

A Weekend in Tarragona

I went to Spain a couple of weeks ago for a child-free/husband-free weekend away to celebrate my sister-in-law’s upcoming nuptials. The Greek God(zilla) was at home with the solo parenting gig, which is code for moving into his parents house for the weekend.  Solo parenting for my husband usually involves a visit to his mum’s, ...Read More

Your Time is More Important Than Mine

My time is more important than yours. This is the message the woman at the swimming pool was sending me when she left all of her belongings in one of the changing rooms for the duration of her child’s swimming lesson. Nobody else could use the room, even if they did get there first with a shivering 4-year old ...Read More


Whenever I’ve not been able to write in the past, it has been because there was something going on in my life that I could not or did not want to write about. Some things are too trivial, others feel too huge. Some are too private.  Others are not just my story to ...Read More

The Barbecue King Loses His Crown

The pressure all got too much for the self professed Barbecue King when he delivered a feast of distinctly average proportions this weekend. The first sign that the Greek God(zilla) might be slightly off his game was when he returned home from the supermarket shop with only half of the food items I was expecting. This is actually ...Read More

The Greek God(zilla)’s Guide to Barbecuing

The Greek God(zilla) believes that the Greeks and in particular, his mother, have shaped a way of eating that no other country can rival. The food is drizzled in olive oil, garnished with feta cheese, washed down with red wine, and best eaten outdoors surrounded by family and friends. If you are Greek, then ...Read More


Yesterday I found out that Grenglish has been shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging award in the best Writer category. WRITER! So, I must be one then. A writer that is. I say this because lately when people have asked me what I now do for a living, I have been umming and arring ...Read More

5 Reasons to Love Greek Easter Sunday

It will take more than a little bit of rain to scupper the Greek Easter barbecue planned for this afternoon. Not even the heavy rain that is forecast for today can dampen the Greek God(zilla)’s spirits when it comes to putting lamb on the spit. It will not be the first time ...Read More