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The Gallery

We moved into our new house in March this year and have made slow progress turning it into a home.  We made a few big changes initially, such as replacing the windows, flooring the loft, fitting wardrobes and fumigating the mice.

Everything else we have done to the house has been purely decorative – hanging a picture here, a photo there and scattering a few cushions.  Let’s just say, it will definitely be an ongoing project!

We seem to spend a lot of time in our kitchen, which we do hope to completely remodel at some point in the future as at the moment it is just white walls, uneven laminate flooring, minimal storage space and this rather large mantel.

I’ve managed to hide most of the mantel from view by pushing our dining table right up against it, but there is still a lot of white wall space to cover to make the room feel more lived in.

This is when I had the genuis idea to put good use to all of our son’s gorgeous artwork, lovingly painted at nursery and proudly presented to me at the end of each week.  I think you will agree that he is rather talented.

As you can see, the Gallery is very much a work in progress too, but I will add new pieces of art to the wall every week and watch the collection grow as his talent does.

I’ll take new photos and post them to my facebook page so you can see how the project is coming along.

So, we are one wall down.  Next up to tackle is a loooooong hallway and a childsized bathroom.

Any ideas?

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  1. Richmond Mummy says

    Wow that looks great! And Zachy is clearly a talented artist in the making! xx

  2. That looks great! I’ve been doing the same on a smaller scale and avoids the guilt of what to do with yet another painting brought home from nursery! So much colour – put any of them in a frame and I reckon they could pass for a modern masterpiece worth a million!!

    • Grenglish says

      Well, exactly. I had all of his creations sitting in a drawer or pinned to the fridge but there are so many now that the wall was the only place big enough to store them!

  3. Not Just A Mummy says

    your fireplace is very similar to 2, yes 2 ugly ones in my house. unfortunatly i rent so i cant smash them to bits and put something prettier in place, oh and theyre complemented by brown carpets, some people have no space, oh wehat will i live with for cheap rent! lovely artwork 🙂

  4. sarahderrig says

    They look brilliant! Zacy is very talented! It’s now given me inspriation! We move house this week and I’ve kept EVERY single thing Sadie has ever done at Nursery so now I can decorate the new house. Well done, you’re such an amazing Mum and Zachy is going to fill so special when he’s a little older and realises what you’ve done for him xxxx

    • Grenglish says

      WOW thank you! And I just thought I was covering up a big bare wall! Post photos on my facebook page of your wall when you do it xxxxx

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