The One Where BB brought her new fella

The weather was perfect for YiaYia’s annual Greek Easter barbecue yesterday.  The usual crowds were there – the Griwi’s, the A-Team, Rob 1, Anna, George, John & Aleko, Carolyn & Dave, plus some newbies – BB’s friends Paula and Ariana, two of Keri’s mates and Rob 2, BB’s ‘friend’ (who she also smooches) who we were to be introduced to for the first time yesterday – what a beautiful time for your family to make a good impression on your new man – after an afternoon spent boozing it up in the sun!

There was enough meat on the barbie to recreate Lady Gaga’s VMA dress a few times over and for the vegetarians, sausages.

My hubby was on drinks this year, and he did it very well, drink, that is.  Not so much of the getting them for other people though.

The A-Team arrived first with chocolate eggs for the kids and Papou’s favourite wine.

Carolyn & Dave arrived next.  “Nona’s here!” Carolyn announced proudly before scooping up one of the Griwi babies.  Nona is Grenglish for Godmother and Otus & Leo will have four Nonas following their christening in September – Carolyn, Anna, BB and me.  It was decided following a quick fire round of who knows the babies best, that Carolyn will be Chief Godmother.  As Anna and I bowed out of the race early, it was between BB and Carolyn to battle it out over this extremely prestigious, yet completely made-up title, and up until the final question, you just couldn’t call it.  But then, “Do you believe in God?” was asked to both candidates and BB had to admit defeat and throw in the towel.

The Godmothers

This wasn’t the only competition that BB was engaged in during the afternoon.  She was also having a ‘nephew-off’ with Paula over who has the cutest nephews.  Lovely Paula, children’s book author (published, you know!) had a genuinely tough time deciding who was the most delicious out of Zachy or her own sister’s brood.  Obviously, Zachy was the clear winner but I could totally understand why she wouldn’t feel comfortable saying this out loud.  BB, not so much.

Zachy started out strong in the egg bashing competition.  He made it through to the second round and knocked out his mum in one tap but was then completely demolished by his younger cousin and newest A-Team recruit, Archie Bear, who stealthily crept up behind all the odds-on favourites, swiftly wiping out his competition in quick smashing motions before moving on to the next opponent.  Papou and Leo did well to reach the semis but it was Anna and Archie in the final and with one final tap of his egg, Archie Bear became the 2011 egg bashing champion.

With 7-year old Aleko keeping Zachy entertained by letting him jump up and down on his head, I had just about enough time to sit down with a glass of rosé before the guest of honour, Rob 2, arrived.  This is the FIRST man BB has brought home in all the time I have known her so excitement levels were high.  Well, mine were.  My husband said he didn’t give too much of a hoot but his Big Brother style questioning said otherwise “What do you do/What car do you drive/Where do you live”  He stopped short of asking what Rob 2’s intentions towards his sister were, but I think Rob 1 might have slipped that question in.  His little soft spot for BB not going unnoticed.

So, what can I tell you about Rob 2… very nice guy, therapist, pilot, nice car, quite buff.  Nuff said really.

YiaYia offered to put Zachy to bed so we moved on to the After Party at Chez Griwi.  It is very rare these days that hubby and I get an opportunity to get smashed together, maybe because this is what happens when we do…

The after party was complete carnage.  The rum was on free flow, various ipods were queued in a row, bodies flung themselves around the makeshift dance floor (Griwi’s new shagpile rug) and I can’t believe we didn’t wake the boys up.

BB challenged Rob 1 to a dance off, nothing new there, but nobody could have predicted when hubby suddenly dived head first across the sofa, crashing on the shagpile and taking me down with him.  Eva didn’t even flinch and the dancing duo simply worked it into their routine.  What Rob 2 made of it all, I really NEVER need to know…

Whoopsie Daisy

It’s always such a fab day at Easter and in the early hours of this morning, we all staggered off to bed full of love, food and a ton of booze.

Christ may have risen, but it would be some time before anyone else did.

BB gets into the Easter spirit, mainly rum


  1. Sarah Derrig
    April 26, 2011 / 6:58 AM

    You guys certainly know how to PARTAY!!!!!

  2. Grenglish
    April 26, 2011 / 10:00 AM

    I have trouble keeping up with them, I really do 😉

  3. fluffyluffy
    April 26, 2011 / 3:42 PM

    Sounds like you had a great time.

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