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Girl, Uninterrupted

Zachy takes his bath in the evenings, around 6pm. He has it warm with bubbles, toys and bath crayons.  He spends about 30 minutes or so splashing around, plays with boats and ducks and balls and scribbles draws pretty pictures all over the tiles. When he has finished, the Greek God(zilla) or ...Read More

Wake-up Call

It was around 5am this morning when I first heard my name being called. At first it was just a gentle whimper but the longer I ignored it, the more insistent the voice became until finally it boomed ‘MUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!’ I pulled back the duvet, tiptoed out of bed and found Zachy waiting for ...Read More

Drunk Skyping, Breast flashing & Poo catching – just an average weekend then

Ah, that’s better.  The sun is shining again, I managed to skillfully catch Zachy managed to do a big poo on the potty over the weekend and he only got up once in the night for a cuddle.  So, by last week’s standards, things are definitely looking up! On Friday night, I had an ...Read More

When life gives you lemons, ask for some salt and tequila

The last few weeks have been a bit up and down. It is probably fair to say that they have been a bit shit. Ironically, the lack of which is what is causing us the most grief. Our toddler has decided that although he is happy enough to wee on his potty, he’s ...Read More

Potty Training

The Greek God(zilla) and I both took a week off work over Easter to start potty training with Zachy. Well, that is not the only reason we took the week off but figured as we would both be at home for a week, then it was as good a time as any to ...Read More

To-Do List

Living in a Grenglish household does have it advantages sometimes. Like having two Easters for one. Whilst we will be celebrating Easter with the rest of the UK this weekend, we’ll also be whipping out the barbecue again next weekend for Greek Easter. This year, we have taken the week off work ...Read More

A Tale of Two Poos

The Greek God(zilla) had to deal with a floater in the bath on two occassions last week.  TWO.  Not his own, I might add.  He was toilet trained a long, long, time ago and hardly ever misses the bowl now.  Nope, the floaters he had to deal with originated from a small ...Read More

Adventures in potty training (a glimpse)

Yesterday, Richmond Mummy and I took part in the BritMums Guest Post Match-up.  It was brilliant fun and thank you all for giving RM such a big fat Grenglish welcome. I lowered the tone a bit over at Richmond Mummy with a guest post about poo!  Well, about Zachy’s poo to be ...Read More