Pub Yoga

Pub Yoga

If you read my last post, Busy Bee, you will recall that last week I had a few minor transport issues.  Sadly, I can’t blame leaves on the track or snow on the line or even signal failure.  It was all of my own silly doing.  I had been in too much of a rush to get home and did not read the announcement board thus jumped on the wrong train and added an extra hour to my hideous commute.

When I finally got home, I crashed out for 10 hours straight, totally exhausted.

This meant that I slept through the October East Dulwich WI meeting, which was a specially tailored yoga session aimed to reduce stress and increase energy.  Oh, the irony!

Now, I am not much of a yoga bunny.  I tried it once before and the instructor encouraged me to try a shoulder stand, with disastrous results.  When the whole class started chanting, I took my cue to leave.  However, I was assured that Michele would be gentle with us and it was even hinted at that a lot of the exercises may even be performed from the comfort of your own chair!  Now, Chair Yoga (thank you Angela) I could definitely get my head around… and maybe even half a leg!

So, I was really disappointed that I missed this meeting and when I finally came round from my slumber the following day, the first thing I did was to ask for a full debrief.

As the organiser of the event, the lovely Fi was more than happy to oblige.

“Having arranged for one of my friends to come to the WI to do an introduction session on yoga, I was extremely nervous on Wednesday night as I turned up to the meeting in my ‘comfortable clothes and sensible footwear’.  I had visions of being asked to stand on my head or put my leg behind my head – all possible for the likes of Madonna – but impossible for this inflexible body!  Instead we had the most relaxed hour being shown how to ‘Reduce stress and increasing energy through yoga movement and breathing’ and it was so much fun!  Michele clearly had some of us well sussed as one of the stretches she told us to pretend we were reaching out for a glass of wine – now that I was excellent at!  I don’t think the EDT has ever had so many people flat-out across the room and not a drop of alcohol in sight!  The funniest moment was being told that if you didn’t feel comfortable lying flat-out on the floor you could lay with your legs raised onto a chair or a sofa – I announced that I was staying there for the night as so chilled out.  Having had the best nights sleep in months, I for one can’t wait to take this up on a more regular basis – it beats the gym anytime.”

But nothing quite beats the gym like your first 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep in 2 years!  Sadly, my sleep high was short-lived and by midday I was back to feeling like I had just walked face first into a revolving door.

In November, the EDWI welcome Sally of Dulwich, the local florist on Lordship Lane to learn how to make a Christmas wreath for the door.  Guests are welcome, just click here for more details.

Have you ever taken a wrong turn?

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