Where’s Woody’s Hat?

Remember when you were young and went on holiday with your mates and spent 2-weeks sunning yourself on the beach or lounging by the pool, and you’d stay up drinking and chatting all night long and sleep all day?

Every day was yours to do with as you pleased and if all the fun and relaxation got too much, well you could just take off on a whim to another unexplored corner of the island.

There was always a catchphrase of the holiday, a private in-joke that never grows old, but only those present at the time will ever understand or laugh along with.

Yeah… our holiday was not like that.

There was not much sunning of oneself or lounging.  On the beach, we were required to remain upright in order to repeatedly fill buckets with seawater and build sandcastles.

There was not much opportunity to recline at the pool with a 3-year old who insisted on running on the slippery concrete floor and once persuaded into the water, needed our backs to provide the horse to his jockey .

Sleeping all day… Huh!!  Are you kidding?  Up all night… nope, way too tired for that!

We did take off to previously unvisited parts of the island, but certainly not on a whim.  Each outing was planned to the minute to incorporate napping, eating and toilet habits… and we packed the car to cover as many eventualities as we were equipped to – change of clothes, wipes, towel, pringles.

One day, we forgot to pack the iPad.   Big mistake.  HUGE.

Saying all this, it was still one of the most relaxing and gorgeous holidays our family has ever taken together.  It was definitely more active than in previous years but in a very good way.  We got to see so much more of Crete and enjoyed spending more time with Zachy and finding new ways to keep him happy and entertained.  It was lovely, it really was, and I was sad when our 2-weeks was up and it was time to return home.

However, there is one saying that will remind us of this holiday forever more.  Although, it does not have me holding my sides from laughing… more hiding under the sheets in fear.

‘Where’s Woody’s hat?’

As a special treat for my Toy Story obsessed little boy, we bought him mini Buzz Lightyear and Woody figurines to play with on the plane.

The Woody doll came with a small removable cowboy hat.


That teeny tiny piece of brown plastic had us scrambling under taverna tables every 20 minutes, turning beds upside down, fumbling under car seats and pounding the streets to ensure its safe return to Woody’s head.

Before leaving the house, we would look at each other and ask in unison “Where’s Woody’s hat?”.

If Woody’s hat was thought to be missing, a massive meltdown would ensue and those same 3 words would be repeated back at us over and over and over and over and over, getting louder and louder and louder and louder until we eventually located it.

If our pursuit of Woody’s hat proved unsuccessful then there would be a bit of a scene, leaving us with no choice but to divide and conquer.  We’d take a room each and hunt that damn cowboy hat down.

For 2-weeks, we always had one eye on Woody and the other on his hat.

Then, as were packing to come home disaster struck.

Zachy was playing happily on the bed with Buzz and Woody.

I was pulling clothes out of the wardrobe and folding them into suitcases.

The Greek God(zilla) was at the pool.

Yiayia was cooking sausages for us to take on our journey.

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

I felt my heart jump up into my throat.

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

I calmly turned around and saw Woody’s head was bare.

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

A quick scan of the room revealed nothing.

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

Under the bed covers, must be…

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

Then over there by the suitcase where he was playing earlier…

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

Definitely on the table…

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

Maybe Yiayia has it…

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

Oh.My. God.

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”


“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

Think fast, think fast… 4 hour plane journey coming up…

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

Woody has taken it off for now but he’ll put it back on as soon as we get back home (Sainsbury’s is open 24 hours, right?)


“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

Woody doesn’t need his hat today because it is so hot outside.

“Where’s Woody’s hat?”

It’s lost *

Oh, ok then.

Ever happened to you?

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* just in case you were worried about being able to sleep tonight, I am thrilled to report that Woody’s hat fell out from underneath a pair of socks when we got home and unpacked.  Phew!






  1. September 2, 2012 / 8:39 PM

    Had my heart in my mouth all the way through that! Well written. Great story (if you’re not the person living it) and I remember those lounging holidays well. The irony being, that it’s now that we need them! Welcome home. X

  2. Mummysknee
    September 2, 2012 / 8:50 PM

    Aw babe, yes we have the same issue. I recall thinking when we got this for 3 yr old ‘why on earth does it come with a detachable hat. We have spent so long looking for Woody’s hat & it becomes more about the blimmin’ hat than Woody himself. I’m happy to say that almost a year down the line, I don’t hear those word’s very often. It’s more likely to be ‘mom, I’ve found Woody’s hat!’ whilst he’s rummaging in his toy box. Love this post. Well done!

  3. September 2, 2012 / 9:48 PM

    Hilarious! Our kids have us wrapped around their small fingers, don’t they? Glad to hear you enjoyed Crete!

  4. September 4, 2012 / 9:38 AM

    Hahah totally relate to this-we need a ban on removable parts of children’s toys-they cause too much stress. Sounds like the perfect holiday in every other way x

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