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Anyone for croquet?

I am not one for outdoor sports, as anyone who knows me will tell you (usually after they have finished laughing). I am not really one for indoor sports either, unless carrying 11kg of toddler in one arm while holding 11kg of laundry in the other counts as weightlifting (or wrestling!), in ...Read More

10 good reasons to go wine tasting with the WI on a Wednesday night

you will get to drink lots of wine (and not even be asked to spit it out)  you will learn that there are over 20,000 varieties of grape used to make wine (but will maybe only remember 8 of them)  you will blind taste champagne and sparkling wine (and be left with the bottles to polish ...Read More

If Only

Hugh Laurie was talking to Chris Evans on Radio Two this morning about releasing his debut Blues album and his reasons for recording it.  He said you should try not to have too many  ‘If Only…‘ moments in your life, and he is quite right. If Only… I had taken that other job.  If Only… ...Read More

Losing Balance

Tonight, I really do have to unpack the rest of my boxes from the move.  I can only find the left shoe of my everyday black  flats and my spring/summer clothes are screwed up in a black bin bag somewhere.  Yesterday, I bought Zachy 7-days worth of new t-shirts from Zara Baby, just ...Read More