Quiet time

Quiet time

Can you hear that? It’s been a while, so maybe it feels a bit unfamiliar at first, but there’s no mistaking the sweet, sweet sound of silence.

Zee went back to school today and while a part of me is sad that our wonderful summer together has come to an end, for the most part I have quite enjoyed getting things done! Aside from discovering surplus Match Attax cards under every sofa, cushion, bed and kitchen cupboard, there is something quite satisfying about putting the house back together after 6-weeks of embracing the mess. And, by embracing, I really mean tolerating – I am a Virgo after all!

I am also a big believer in the ‘watch while you work’ method and am happy to report that I have made excellent progress on condensing the TV planner. All the shows that I couldn’t watch with an 8-year old – or a judgmental 47-year old – in the room, have been viewed and cleared. However, even after watching 4 back-to-back episodes of Eastenders, I still feel completely lost as to what Max is up to, what Phil is really playing at, and how long Steven thinks he will continue to get away with it all.

It’s a far cry from when Zee first started in Reception and I balled from drop-off until pick-up. This morning, he walked confidently behind his new Year 4 teacher without so much as a glance back, despite me waving and calling out ‘Zee! Bye, Zee!” behind him.

I miss him already.


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