Nothing But The Tooth

A couple of weeks ago, Zachy tripped over at nursery while running around and chasing his friends in the garden.

His gum looked a bit red and sore, but as it did not seem to be causing him much discomfort we gave it a day to see how it settled.

The next day, the redness was gone and he did not seem to flinch when I took a toothbrush to it, so we just put it down to one of those little tumbles and thought no more of it.

Last week, I noticed that the same tooth was looking slightly darker than the others and had taken on a rather greyish hue.

I mentioned this to his nursery and they reassured me that they see it all the time with kids after a knock and the lovely white colour should return back to said tooth very soon.

I booked him in to see the dentist anyway.

His dentist is lovely.  He saw her for the first time 6-months ago and she made him feel very relaxed and at ease.

This time, he did not even want to sit on my lap while she examined him. 

He just hopped up on the chair, went for ride up & down and reclined back in the seat when he was asked, so that she could take a proper look.

He sat patiently in the chair and did not make any fuss at all while she prodded around.

If only he was always this well-behaved and polite when I try to get him to sit still at home…

Finally, she lowered the chair down and he climbed off and skipped happily into my arms.

‘Unfortunately, the nerve is dead’ she explained ‘and the tooth is unlikely to change back to its original colour until his new one comes through’

When he is 7.

That’s in 4 years time.

Four years of having a grey toothy grin.

Four years of school photos. 

Four years of family pics. 

Four years of blog posts.

‘Best not to tell him that though’ she said ‘Don’t want to give him a complex’

My poor boy. 

The good news is that there was no other damage caused to the gum and his teeth are all nicely spaced out and very clean (her words!).

So, it is just cosmetic. 


And, I do think he can carry it off – don’t you?

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