Living with a 2½ year old

Living with a 2½ year old

Me: “So, you don’t want to play in the garden, you don’t want an orange, you don’t want a drink, you don’t want to do a puzzle, you don’t want to go to the park, you don’t want me to read you a story, you don’t want to play with your cars, you don’t want a snack, you don’t want to do a drawing, you don’t want to build a lego tower, you don’t want to make playdoh dinosaurs, you don’t want to cook in the sizzlin’ kitchen, you don’t want to ride on your scooter and you don’t want a cuddle.

Zachy, what do you want?”


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  1. Grenglish
    April 4, 2012 / 9:57 AM

    That’ll be a big fat no with a thump on the head for me for asking!

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