Completing the Circle

Completing the Circle

“We’ll have a quiet weekend” declared the Greek God(zilla) on Friday night.

It had been 3-weeks since we’d had a whole weekend together as our little family of 3 and it will be another 4-weeks until the next time, so there was only one thing we had planned to do this weekend – NOTHING.

It was on my way back from the hairdressers on Saturday morning that the Greek God(zilla) remembered to tell me that his sister was on her way to visit from Cambridge and would be staying with us for the night.

Now, we all adore BB so this was absolutely no problem at all, but it would mean we’d have to get a few supplies in.

Like food.

And erm, wine.

I scribbled out a quick list and sent the Greek God(zilla) off to the supermarket while I knocked up a quick risotto with whatever we had left in the fridge.

About an hour later, he had not returned.

Another hour passed and the phone rang.

“Where are you…?” I enquired nervously.

“I just popped into The Herne, love.  It’s brilliant, we’ll definitely bring Zachy here when BB arrives”

“Have you even been to Sainsbury’s yet?”

The Herne is one of our local pubs and they happened to be hosting a Diamond Jubilee Real Ale and Cider Festival called Beer Fest.  A title seemingly so eye-catching that it caused the Greek God(zilla) to swerve from the main road and detour home via their beer garden.

He pulled up outside the house at the same time as his sister and cornered her outside for a few moments.

“BB thinks it’s a great idea!” he announced gleefully as they walked through the door.

Sensing my hesitation to agree instantly, he launched into a spiel about the excellent Jubilee decorations, the excellent children’s play area that Zachy would LOVE “it’s so brilliant love, HE will love it!”, the excellent atmosphere and the excellent selection of beers.

When that failed to have me nodding along enthusiastically and reaching for my jacket, he resorted to blatant nonsense.

“It’s my last weekend with my family for weeks love, and I want to celebrate the Jubilee with Zachy before I go.  Also, I was at The Herne when I found out that I was going to Euro 2012, so it will complete the circle.  I need to complete the circle, love.”

Oh purlease.

Ok, we can go, I sighed.

But, I would have had so much more respect for you if you had just said you’d got a thirst on and fancied a pint.

Did you get talked into drinking too much this weekend?

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  1. June 5, 2012 / 6:34 PM

    Men! Why do they think they can pull the wool over our eyes?
    Good advertising for the Herne though

    • Grenglish
      June 5, 2012 / 6:42 PM

      The lengths he went to to try and make me think he only wanted to go for me & Zachy… Much better just to say “I fancy a pint” surely!
      Yes good advertising for the pub! Maybe I should show them and ask for a free packet of nuts next time we are in 🙂

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