Just another day in the office

Just a few leftovers


Oh yes, there's more


Just in case croissants don't do it for you


Don't forget your 5-a-day


Second lunch anyone? Third...?


Carbaholics, look away!


Where else can we hide it all...


I know, let's destroy the evidence

It’s no wonder that everybody jokes that they put on a bit of weight when they come here.  I think my Dukan book has gone full circle round the office now.  Twice.
As lovely as it is to be faced with delicious treats everywhere I turn, I have the will power of an ant and resisting all these goodies does not come naturally to me!
But, yesterday I did it! 
I took a pot of grapes from the selection on offer and then the moment of temptation just passed. 
I may have given up fad dieting, but I don’t want to start getting into the bad habit of scoffing like a pig just because it’s there.  And free.  As someone much funnier (and thinner) once said to me when I reached for my fourth bag of minstrels – It’ll end in Evans!  (In my defence, I was 7-months pregnant and craving…)
Today, however,  is another day, and although I haven’t given in to anything, it’s still early and the leftover meeting lunches haven’t made their way up yet…
One day at a time.  Breathe.  Repeat. 


  1. richmondmummy
    May 18, 2011 / 2:49 PM

    “It’ll end in Evans” – brilliant, ha ha. I’m chomping my way through a 100g bar of Galaxy Bubbles as I type this… I seem to have misplaced my will power today…

  2. Grenglish
    May 18, 2011 / 4:08 PM

    ENJOY!!!! My mouth is watering at the thought…

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