There’s something about Mary

I’ve been a very neglectful blogger, book reviewer, wife and mummy this week.  I’ve also been hungover at work, twice, and I’ve eaten my body weight in beef and onion crisps.  Nothing a week on the Dukan wouldn’t solve but I’ve recently sworn off fad diets so will just have to up my exercise quota this weekend, shouldn’t be too hard considering I also swore off exercise some time ago too.

The reason for this lapse back into my life before baby, blog and book reviews was because lovely Mary B at work was leaving after 17 years!  If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, lovely Jess at work was leaving too in the same week.  So, when I’ve not been busy buying posh handbags from Mulberry, organising posh dinners at The Belvedere, and throwing a far from posh party at The Prince Alfred, I’ve been attending them.

All good intentions of reading The Making of Us and reviewing it in time for its release yesterday fell  by the wayside, probably because all good intentions of not drinking at any of the leaving festivities this week also fell by the wayside, but I will endeavour to finish the book (which is very promising so far I have to say) and get my review up this weekend.

Zachy has not been too impressed with my parenting this week either, preferring to clobber me in the face when I asked for a kiss in the morning instead of offering up one of his big chubby cheeks like he usually does.

It’s a tough life being invited to all these fabulous events and I wouldn’t do it for just anyone but there’s something about Mary…

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