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The NYC Diaries – Coming Home

We were returning from our regular early morning bra-less dash to Starbucks when it started. Just innocently standing on the sidewalk, coffee cup in one hand, toasted bagel in the other, patiently waiting for the green hand to appear before crossing the road. Then the heavens opened and within a millisecond we were standing under a torrential downpour.  Running across a rain-soaked road in flip-flops, without a bra, made for a most interesting sight. I will leave you to ponder that image for a moment.  No don’t.  Really.  Don’t. Back in our room, we changed into the complimentary white hotel robes and watched the rain fall from the window.  It was showing no signs of easing off and we still had a few last-minute items to buy so we knew we were going to have to brave it outside. ‘We’ll just get a cab, run into the Apple store and it’ll probably have stopped by then’ we decided optimistically. While I busied myself with the task of purchasing an iPad on the Greek Godzilla’s credit …