Man-Flu Has Struck

Man-Flu Has Struck

I was feeling a bit under the weather last week, so I wrapped up warm, had a few early nights, and drank lots of steaming hot tea.

The Greek God(zilla) is unwell this week.

I know this because he woke me at least 17 times last night to let me know.  There was the time he had to get up to turn the heating on in the middle of the night.  Then he ran himself a hot bath at 2am to warm his bones.  I also woke up every 4-hours when he got up to make another Lemsip and took the duvet with him.

If I dared to object, he would grumble that I do not understand what it is like to be REALLY ill.

Usually, a quick dose of fine ale is all it takes to rid him of this seasonal bug, but the Greek God(zilla) has decided to stop drinking during November, so is relying heavily on Night Nurse instead.

Although his definition of not drinking for a month is slightly different to mine.

His first attempt in October lasted only a day or two, until he succumbed to the tantalising aroma of a fine Côtes du Rhône.

We are only really just past the halfway mark this month and already he has given in to the occasional whiskey (for medicinal purposes, obviously); and on Saturday I saw him put a bottle of white wine in the fridge and in the morning it was no longer there… and everyone knows I only drink red #justsaying

When I asked him to clarify the rules regarding No-vember, he said that they apply only to beer.  Well, I can confirm that not one drop of beer has passed his lips.  However, I am not sure he really fully comprehends the concept of abstaining from all alcohol.

It is terrible timing, as a carefully measured dose of beer has proven to be a very powerful tonic when previous strains of this illness have attacked.

He has been experimenting with various other forms of relief though and is currently recuperating on the sofa in front of the World Cup play-offs.  I interrupted his recovery briefly when Eastenders was due to start, but he said he felt too weak to lift the remote, let alone change channels.  So, I have retired to the bedroom with Netflix instead.  Everyone’s a winner.

I cannot be sure, but I think I just heard shouting coming from downstairs, which is a positive sign that the soreness in his throat is lifting and the ringing in his ears must be easing.

Man-flu is nasty though.  You can be seemingly fine one minute and then struck right back down with it again the next.

Luckily, I have never had it.


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  1. November 20, 2013 / 9:12 AM

    I hear it is a terribly affliction, so my other half tells me….


  2. November 24, 2013 / 5:03 PM

    This sounds incredibly familiar….man flu is such a terrible illness, just as well the weaker sex don’t get struck down with it….

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