House of Dust

House of Dust

We are having work done on our house at the moment. The walls in our hallway, living room and front bedrooms are being stripped, plastered and painted from ceiling to floor. When it is finished, it will look amazing and this makes me very happy.

However, I am currently working from home amidst a cloud of dust. Our TV is sitting on our dining table and the contents of our hallway closet are in the kitchen.  We have moved into the guest bedroom with most of our belongings.  The rest of them are stacked in the office along with the ironing board, various picture frames and my hair straighteners.

Our sofa rests in the middle of the living room, covered by a dust sheet.  Our son’s toys have been relocated from the playroom to his bedroom, or the loft.

There are only two rooms in the house that have access to a seat and to wi-fi.  One being the kitchen, currently housing the TV, coats, shoes, cushions, chairs and every piece of glassware and crockery we own; the other being our son’s bedroom. So, this is where we all hang out in the evenings, crammed onto his single bed, reading books, or craning our necks to each get a better view of the iPad.

Most nights, after our son has fallen asleep, we creep back into the guest bedroom and have an early night, because there is really nowhere else to go.

My hair is flecked with dust, my clothes carry the smell of old walls and all my shoes look grey.  I have missed curling up on the sofa with a blanket and Eastenders.

It has only been 10-days.  We have WEEKS more of this ahead of us. Although, a 2-week break over Easter will perhaps restore some welcome normality to our lives.

But the dust, THE DUST!

I will be hoovering, wiping and mopping forever.

Well, until our cleaner returns next week and works her magic that is.

Meanwhile, anyone for Monopoly?



  1. March 24, 2015 / 7:31 PM

    oh the dust, i know exactly how you feel. we went through this just like week with the kitchen & living room floor. you know where we are if you are in need of a natter and a cuppa (almond milk of course!)

  2. March 25, 2015 / 8:14 AM

    Ooh exciting though and dust is so in right now 😉

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