Sponsored Video Trailer: Chef

Sponsored Video Trailer: Chef

There’s a new feel-good comedy out this summer called Chef, which I am itching to see. It is written and directed by Jon Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergera and Dustin Hoffman, to name but a few.

The story starts with Chef Carl Casper, also played by Jon Favreau, who has the chance to show-off his fancy culinary skills to the most important restaurant reviewer in the city. However, the owner (Dustin Hoffman) refuses to let Carl serve any of the new dishes he has created and insists he cooks from the classic menu instead.

The critic ends up totally panning the restaurant in his review and throws in a personal insult to Carl, who then takes to Twitter to vent his anger, tracks the reviewer down, and publicly berates him for what he said about him. As is the way these days, everyone within earshot pulls out a camera phone, posts a video online, and Carl becomes an overnight social media sensation when the video goes viral!

After he loses his job, he decides to return to his hometown of Miami to spend some time with his young son. Here, his ex-wife tells him that he’ll never be happy while he is working for someone else. Robert Downey Jr. then steps in and offers him an old run-down food truck where Carl can cook his own food, be his own boss and rediscover his true culinary passion.

Carl reconnects with an old friend and together they restore the truck, devise a menu and plan to drive across the country back to L.A., serving food along the way and with Carl’s son promoting their journey on social media – the new word-of-mouth.

As a blogger, any film that demonstrates the social media driven world we now live in is obviously of natural interest to me. But as someone who also left a full-time job last year to spend more time at home with my family and to do more of the things I love (like, er, blogging…), I can really relate to the message about what the important things in life are too.


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