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In all the excitement of finishing up at work, turning 40, and filling 30 odd superhero themed party bags for Zachy’s 4th birthday party, I have been in total denial that my baby starts school next week.

Actual big school.

The fact that it will be September in a few days time, has completely passed me by.  While parents of other reception aged children may have been shopping for school uniforms, PE kits and lunch boxes, I have been leisurely strolling around and catching up with old friends like I have all the time in the world.

Maybe because up to a couple of days ago, he was still only 3 years old and school seemed such a long way off.

I have 6 days!

We are away for 5 of those.

I am in big BIG trouble.

Fortunately, Zachy will be attending a non-uniform school, so my lack of planning in this area may well go unnoticed.  However, my reputation may not fare so well over the lack of completed holiday homework, absence of school bag and mismatched gym wear.

The other slight concern I do have, is that summer has lasted for the whole of ‘summer’ this year and not just for a few days in June, 1 day in July, with the odd patch of blue sky in August.  If this glorious weather keeps up, Zachy might still be in t-shirts through to October and the new trainers I bought him a few months back will be outgrown before they are worn.

In which case, I may just resort to just ordering a selection of various cute outfits online, including something from this cool range of kids sandals from and keep everything crossed it all arrives in time.

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As far as the homework goes… well I will just have to apply the same method I used when I was at school and wing it.


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