Working Mother Guilt Archive

How NOT to Work from Home During Half-Term

Soon after I left my full-time job last year, I started working from home helping local businesses with their blogs. This is a job that suits me well.  I get to walk my son to and from school every day and spend time together in the afternoons, but with the added benefit ...Read More

How Much Do You Play With Your Kids?

How much should you play with your kids? This has been the burning question that has been tying my invisible cloak of guilt all up in knots this week. Seriously, I thought I was done with the big fat mother’s guilt trap when I quit my full-time job, to spend more time ...Read More

New Starts

They say that life begins at 40, and I guess in a way this does ring true for me. I turned 40 two-weeks ago. The week before this momentous ocassion, I left my job of six & a half years to enable me to spend more time with my son, as he ...Read More

A Lady Who Lunches

This is my second week at home after stepping off the hamster wheel. I had all sorts of ideas for how I would fill the time. I’d finally get round to sorting out the spare room, which currently homes shoes, bags, jackets and books that the Greek God(zilla) does not permit to ...Read More

The First Day of August

The first day of August, the month in which I will turn 40. Well, that has crept up on me rather quickly I have to say.  I wanted to make a list of all the things I hoped to achieve before my birthday, but I totally forgot, so now will have to ...Read More

The Hamster Wheel

When I returned to my full-time job 12-months after Zachy was born, it was with mixed emotions. I had enjoyed maternity leave and loved getting to know my newborn son, but towards the end I had started to feel I was missing a little bit of the old me. The me that took ...Read More

Dear Employer

Dear Employer, I am so sorry I was late for work today. The morning started so well.  I was awake on the first beep of the Greek God(zilla)’s alarm clock as usual, at 5.55am, but my daily wake-up call of ‘MUMMY!’ went off slightly later today, at 6.55 am.  In theory, this should have meant that ...Read More

An OK Mother

I do not think I am the most amazing Mother in the world… does anyone? But, most of the time I like to think I pass as OK. My son could not be more loved or attended to.  Yes, I work, albeit with a big dark cloud of GUILT over my head, ...Read More

Do you think you are a great Mum?

Do you ever have days when you look at your beautiful child and your heart swells so much it could burst and then you think to yourself “Oh shit, I really have absolutely no idea what the feck I am doing?” Oh good, so it is not just me then! If you answered no, ...Read More

Grenglish’s Day Off

I had a day off in the week.  A real day off.  A day with no work, no Zachy and no Greek God(zilla) I think the last time I took a whole day for myself must have been before Zachy was born, so I was really looking forward to it. Or I ...Read More