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As Good As It Gets

When you are a young child, you talk about what you would like to be when you grow up. You dream big – astronaut, writer, doctor, fireman, landscape gardener, gymnast, politician, deep-sea diver, rock star, teacher, Queen of your own country; or perhaps even all of the above… *coughs* As you enter your ...Read More

The Rules of Wine Club

The first rule of Wine Club is that only people in Wine Club can talk about Wine Club.  Blogging about it is ok, so long as we do not disclose the location of the premises or the names of its members.  This *may* be because Wine Club *may* be masquerading as Book Club ...Read More

A Weekend in Tarragona

I went to Spain a couple of weeks ago for a child-free/husband-free weekend away to celebrate my sister-in-law’s upcoming nuptials. The Greek God(zilla) was at home with the solo parenting gig, which is code for moving into his parents house for the weekend.  Solo parenting for my husband usually involves a visit to his mum’s, ...Read More

The Barbecue King Loses His Crown

The pressure all got too much for the self professed Barbecue King when he delivered a feast of distinctly average proportions this weekend. The first sign that the Greek God(zilla) might be slightly off his game was when he returned home from the supermarket shop with only half of the food items I was expecting. This is actually ...Read More

5 Reasons to Love Greek Easter Sunday

It will take more than a little bit of rain to scupper the Greek Easter barbecue planned for this afternoon. Not even the heavy rain that is forecast for today can dampen the Greek God(zilla)’s spirits when it comes to putting lamb on the spit. It will not be the first time ...Read More

We Need to Talk About the M-Word

Miscarriage. About one in four pregnancies will end this way and yet for something that is sadly so common, most people still know so very little about it. People who have experienced the hurt of a miscarriage feel uncomfortable and embarrassed even, to talk about it. I am not sure if this ...Read More

Back from Brooklyn

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front over the last week so we have lots to catch up on. When I left you last, I was winging my way to New York so let’s start there. Here I visited Whole Foods for the first time, felt snow on my face, ...Read More

A Night On

The Greek God(zilla) and I have never really subscribed to the idea of ‘date’ night. Before having a child, we went out together all of the time.  I guess you could call them dates, although we never did.  We regularly went to the cinema, out for dinner, or to the pub. It ...Read More

A Christmas Break

The last place we hoped to be on Christmas Day was in the A&E department with our 4-year old. While packing the car for various family visits over the festive season, we prepared for every eventuality we could think of.   This did not include how to dress, travel, and entertain a ...Read More

A Christmas Party

This weekend we hosted our 3rd annual Christmas party, which always falls on the Saturday closest to the Greek God(zilla)’s birthday, so it is always a joint celebration. Our Christmas tree is picked out and decorated the night before.  The wine racks are fully stocked from the Greek God(zilla)’s booze cruise to ...Read More